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Research on regional economic disparities and coordinated development of the Central Plains Economic Area

Author ZhuZhiMin
Tutor TangLuYuan
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords Central Plains economic region The regional economic differences Coefficient of variation Theil coefficient
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Regional economic differences is the normal rule of economic development, butalso hindered the sustainable development of economy. How to narrow the economicdifferences and achieve coordinated economic development is a hotspot of researchon economists.This paper takes the central plains economic zone as the research object, it canbe divided into four sub area, using the combination of theoretical and empiricalanalysis method, analysis of the central plains economic zone regional economicdifferences present situation and the extent of influence factors. Calculated thecentral plains economic zone, an absolute difference of regional economy inexpanded year by year, the relative difference showed a trend of fluctuations, theempirical results indicate that the central plains economic zone at the same time thesecondary vary, the main reasons for the regional economic difference in actualneeds to take corresponding countermeasures in the process of economicdevelopment.Full text is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is the overview ofdomestic and foreign scholars research results of the regional economic differencesand reviewed; the second chapter is about the theory of the balanced development ofregional economy, regional economic imbalance development theory and the theoryof regional economic coordinated development of an overview and introduction toresearch methods in this paper; the end of the third chapter of the central plainseconomic zone are further divided into four regions, to the secondary regionaleconomic differences between2000and2012were analyzed. Analysing theeconomic differences mainly adopts the standard deviation for the analysis ofabsolute difference, the variation coefficient to analyze the relative difference, andthen use the Theil coefficient to measure the regional economic differences, andcarries on the region decomposition. Study the central plains economic zone allabsolute difference area expanded year by year, the relative difference in slowdecline after2006. The fourth chapter the empirical analysis of influence of the maincauses of the central plains economic zone economic differences, based on thephysical capital, human capital, the degree of marketization, and several importantindexes such as respectively of the total value added of the secondary industry panel data fixed effects on four sub-regions and individual random effects model analysis,the analysis showed that physical capital, human capital for four sub-regionaleconomic growth have significant contributions, but the contribution degree isslightly different, the second industry and marketization degree of central plains ofthe total value added of the cooperation zone and the south-east of the contribution ofeconomic growth significantly greater than the material capital and human capital,but the proportion of the added value of the second industry in henan region, JinYuYellow River economic zone’s economic growth is not obvious. So, the secondindustry and the degree of marketization of the total value added of the formation ofall the main factor of regional economic differences, differences in physical capitaland human capital on economic has also had a certain effect; The fifth chapter,according to the conclusion of the fourth chapter of the central plains economic zoneis put forward the regional economic development to increase input, all the elementsof good for economic growth to achieve rapid growth of regional economy, The sixthchapter is the summary of the article and the future research direction of outlook.

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