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Study on the Development Model of County Economy in Henan Province

Author SuGuoNing
Tutor TaoChuanPing
School Qilu Industrial University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords county economy Yanshi development model path analysis
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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From ancient times to the present, the county has always been the mostfundamental political, economic and social system China in level and the most basicunit."The people of the county, state, which is the country’s base. Anbang difficult,male in the country; difficult, difficult in the strong base". The county economy inmacro economy and micro economy of city economy and rural economy, theconnection point, is the basic part of the national economy, is the basic carrier, theconstruction of new socialist countryside to solve the three rural problems, isdifficult, is also building a comprehensive well-off society hope to send. Thecounty economy is relatively backward, the development is not balanced, the socialand economic development level is still very backward, the county especially ruralpeople’s living level is relatively backward level. The innovation and the urgency ofspeeding up the development of county economy it is self-evident. To acceleratethe development of county economy to recognize the new situation and newchallenges, with innovative thinking to guide the development county economydevelopment innovation. The development of county economy content should bebased on the establishment of a modern industrial system, vigorously develop thecharacteristic industry, at the same time to coordinate based on the advance ofindustrialization, urbanization and marketization, promote the county’s economicdevelopment must be based on the reform and innovation of the system, to solve theproblem of institutional barriers in deep. A systematic study of the county economy,development, development model for the county economic development strategy andthe choice of the reform scheme to provide theoretical guidance, the greatsignificance.In this paper, based on regional economic theory, basic theories of developmenteconomics and institutional economics as the theoretical foundation, the supportsystem to the central government work report, the central document No.1andnational leaders to Henan, to Henan in western Henan Plain County of Yanshi as theresearch object, aiming at Yanshi in Henan province is the "private economy strongcounty","National County Economic hundred counties"; starting from YanshiCounty, by using trend analysis (i.e.: SWOT analysis), summarizes the Yanshicounty economic development pattern and the development of central towns do asystematic induction, focusing on the role of the model in the Yanshi in the practice of economic development and benefit, provide reference for better economic pathcounty Yanshi city faster development and "Fu Min strong city" strategy, in othercounties of central China area especially Henan County Economic and socialdevelopment to provide reference.

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