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Research on the Domestic Economy Effects of New Trade Protectionism in USA

Author JiangYongHong
Tutor WangHouShuang
School Liaoning University
Course International Trade
Keywords New trade protectionism Non-tariff barriers Import tradeTechnical barriers to trade Economic effect
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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The United States transferred to New Trade Protectionism since1970s,the effectbecame wide with its expansion. In2008,international financial crisis broke,which is themost greatest since the Second World War. At present,there are many unstable factors inthe world economy,so the new protectionism will be more complicated and make greateffect on China.The Research on protective trade policy focuses on tariff,quota and license ofimport,etc,those theories analyzed the consumer surplus,supplier surplus,welfare andtrade terms of above measures,also economists had generally accepted about researchmethods and conclusions. With the restrain of GATT to traditional trade barriers,the newnon-tariff trade barriers became more and more popular. But due to the complexity andinvisibility,it is difficult to research the effect of new trade protectionism,so theoreticaland empirical study are all lagged than practiced. U.S. is the headstreams of manynon-tariff barriers. How did it affect economy in U.S.? What made U.S. face dilemmabetween free trade and trade protection?As the basis of the reality demand and theoretical puzzle,this dissertation attemptsto study the effect of new trade protectionism in U.S. both theoretical and empiricalanalysis. The dissertation analyzes the development and mechanism of new tradeprotectionism in U.S. Then it analyzes the effects of new trade protectionism from theaspects of import,economic growth and employment by Eviews and SPSS software,andso on. Especially,it measures the effecting degree of TBT (technical barrier to trade).Based on the result of analysis and reality,it proposes the directions and possibilities ofnew trade protectionism in U.S. during the post-crisis period. Finally,it put forwardscountermeasures of China. The dissertation comprises seven chapters. The main contentof each chapter is as follows.Chapter1introduces the purpose and background of the desertion,and reviews theprevious research,then states the framework,research method and innovations. Chapter2widens the definition of the new trade protectionism firstly. Secondly,it reviews thetheory about new trade protectionism. Chapter3elaborates the form and agents of new trade protectionism in U.S. and it analyzes the evolution and compares with differentstages,furthermore it shows their characteristics. Chapter4puts new trade protectionismunder the conditions of national strategy and economic aims and emerges the operatingmechanism and aims. Chapter5analyzes the effects of new trade protectionism from theaspects of import,economic growth and employment at the basis of data from1980to2012. Eviews and SPSS software are employed in the co-integration analysis and grangercausality test. Chapter6takes the TBT which is the most critical non-tariff barrier as anexample,in virtue of Trade Gravity model and Eviews software,to investigate the effecton import in U.S. Chapter7states the enlightenments of the research and put forwardscountermeasures of China.Conclusions are as follows: New trade protectionism of US restricted import trade,and had negative influences on domestic economic growth and employment. Theanalysis result of data1980to2012shows that foreign trade`s positive role in theeconomic growth is hindered. Significant trade protection decreases the economic growthand increases the unemployment rate. TBT quantity and import value are negative,import decreases0.2913%with the1%increase of TBT amount.

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