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The Changes of Rural Land System in China after the Founding of the PRC and Its Enlightenment

Author ZhangJunRui
Tutor LiHaiXin
School Hebei Normal
Course Political Theory
Keywords Land Management Change household contract responsibility system withChinese characteristics of modern land system
CLC F321.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The land has been for the survival and development of human beings is indispensable, isthe most basic element of production. In our country is even more so, we want to solve theproblem of feeding22%of the world’s population, but our hands only accounted for7%ofthe world’s arable land, and the current is the key period of China’s urbanization. So, seektruth from facts to speak, to solve the social problems of rural problems in China and a seriesof, will fundamentally solve the land problem, solve all kinds of system arrangement andsystem operation related to land ownership and land use rights to use, namely, continuousimprovement in the current rural land system. After new China was founded in1949, thecountryside has experienced land reform, socialist transformation of agriculture, people’scommune movement, the household contract management and so on four important periods.The land system of our country experienced a period of large or small change, but thesereforms in different period played a certain positive role. But from the current point of view,because of the rapid development of China’s market economy and the socialist undertakings,more and more of our current land system in rural areas the problems and defects exposed inthe beginning, especially at present still implemented the household contract responsibilitysystem, in the stage of reforming and opening, to mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers,liberation productivity plays a great role in. However, the household contract responsibilitysystem in rural areas can only solve the problem of food and clothing of the farmer, but cannot solve the well-off farmers. Visible, now is an important mark of China’s rural land systemreform, study on rural land system has increasingly shown its importance and urgency.This requires us to seriously study the rural land system, in addition to sort out and studythe development process of the land system reform, summarize and learn from its experience,should be a new direction, new ideas, new measures to try to seek for the rural land systemreform implementation. The author defines the research in question under the guidance ofProfessor Li Haixin using the basic theory of Marx’s philosophy, focus, based on the presentrural problem of sensitive points, discovered the law of history, carefully combing theevolution of China’s rural land system, taking history as a mirror, with the eyes ofdevelopment, innovative discussion the rural reform of the household contract responsibility system.Based on the above reason and background, after the founding of China’s rural landsystem changes into this exploration and research content. The following is the main contentof the main part of this paper.First, change and logical analysis of China’s rural land system after the founding of theprc. The main research content of the three aspects: the analysis of land institution changetheory, the change of rural land system in China, the changes of rural land system in Chinaafter the founding of logic. The rural land institutional change in China’s history of mainlycombs. From land reform to agriculture cooperation and people’s commune to the householdcontract system today, looking forward to solve every kind of system all the questions putthings right once and for all that is not possible. Therefore, the land system in promotingChina’s modernization at the same time, also has exposed some disadvantages inherent. But ifwe can guide the new period based on the arrangement of system innovation, system ofagricultural development to analyze and summarize the development of agriculture systemreform and change regularity, it is very meaningful.Second, rural land system in our country at present problems. At present, the householdcontract responsibility system of rural land system in restricting the development ofagricultural modernization is mainly exposed five drawbacks: the ambiguous land property,farmer events emerge in an endless stream; land scale is small, the income of the farmers isvery low; farmers land contract right is not stable, the short-term behavior is serious; the lackof rural land transfer mechanism; land acquisition system is relatively backward, serious lossof arable land.Third, the reform of rural land system in China is to establish modern land system withChinese characteristics. Identify the crux of the problem, an antidote against the disease.Therefore, the author first analyzes the present rural land system reform the necessity and thefeasibility. Secondly, summarizes some innovative measures to reform the land system in ourcountry at present all of the. Modern land system finally from the future reform of China’srural land system should adhere to the direction, principle and important initiatives explainedauthor advocated Chinese characteristics "

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