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Land Use Change and Its Effects on the Ecosystem Services Value of Karashahar Basin

Author DiLaNa·NiJiaTi
Tutor HaiMiTi·YiMiTi
School Xinjiang University
Course Geography
Keywords Yanqi Basin land use change landscape pattern ecosystem service value
CLC F301.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In this study, satellite data from1990,2000and2011are analyzed by using3stechnology, the calculation method of Chinese terrestrial ecosystem service value andland use dynamics analysis to understand the effects of variation of landscape patternsand land use on the ecosystem services values and structures and to identify themutual impact of land use and function, value of ecosystem services by which thescientific basis for provide a for the oasis sustainable socio-economic developmentand stability of the oasis is obtained. The results are as follow:(1) From1990-2011, the variation characteristics of land use and landscape types isreally obvious in Yanqi basin. In that, from199-2000, the proportion of occupied areaof water body and farmland are increasing while the proportion of occupied area ofwetland, salinized land, barren land and vegetation are decreasing. And from2000-2011, the proportion of occupied area of wetland, salinized land and farmlandare increasing while the proportion of occupied area of barren land and vegetation isdecreasing. According to the transition matrix of landscape types, the speed oflandscape changes from2000-2011more faster than1990-2000.(2) Ecological service value and function based on the changes has changedconsiderably. The value of ecosystem services has increased from9.52881billionYuan in1990to10,129,460,000Yuan in2011(total increasing percentage is6.30%which is amount to600.65million Yuan). These types of change are mainly resultfrom that of increasing the total areas of water body and farmland. The order of thecontribution rate of eco system service function to eco system service value is wastedisposal, water conservation, the climate price adjustment, recreation, biodiversityprotection, soil formation, food production, gas regulation and raw materials.(3) It can be shown from the results of sensitivity analysis that the sensitivity indexof the ecosystem services value of land use types to ecosystem service functions indexis less than1which comply with the requirements of inflexible formula. Thus, theunit area of ecosystem service value coefficients Chinese terrestrial ecosystem issuitable for the land use change on regional ecological service value of.study area.

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