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Study on culture from the perspective of human capital Chongqing new farmers

Author WangWeiXiao
Tutor GanQin
School Chongqing Technology and Business University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords human capital new farmer training
CLC F323.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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At present, China is in a critical period of the construction of acomprehensive well-off society in rural and agricultural modernization, farmersas the main body of the agricultural production. Its’ quality directly affects theprocess of agricultural modernization. Along with the development ofurbanization and industrialization, a large number of rural labor force of migrantworkers, rural farming groups are shrinking the number, age structure imbalance,worrying technical quality problem,"Who farming is becoming increasinglyprominent.This article is in this context, Chongqing agriculture in less developedregions as a specific object of study, from the perspective of human capital tostudy the culture of new farmers. Draw on the basis of the results of previousstudies by way of theoretical analysis and field research on the New Farmers.Article combing the United States, Germany, South Korea and other developedcountries of the advanced experience of training farmers, and described thedomestic agricultural human capital formation initiatives, summed up the ofChongqing new farmers cultivate revelation. The article on the quantity andquality of agricultural workers in Chongqing and structural empirical analysis ofthe employment situation of college students in Chongqing conducted aninvestigation. In this paper, the sustainable development of agriculture inChongqing realization of agricultural modernization, training of new farmersneeds to be considered from two aspects. On one hand, from the point of view ofhuman capital, the need to optimize the overall quality of the existing farmers.Further increase funding for rural education investment, improve the overallquality of Chongqing existing farmers, and increase the training of farmers toenhance the training effect. On the other hand, from the point of view of humancapital increase, the need to increase the incremental improvement of agriculturalhuman capital. Develop and introduce more preferential agricultural policies,actively and effectively guide the generation of migrant workers and collegestudents from rural high-quality personnel to return home engaged in agriculturalproduction and business activities.Through research, draw the following conclusions: the overall situation ofthe Chongqing Municipal Agricultural human capital is a large number of lowquality, structure is irrational; sustainable agricultural development in Chongqinglack of agricultural human capital, the education level of the agricultural workersto junior high school based, obviously can’t achieve the requirements of themodernization of agriculture on the quality of farmers; higher education collegegraduates, especially in agriculture-related graduates, most of them to stay in thecity employment; Chongqing human capital need to optimize the investment inhuman capital requires a variety way.The innovation of the article: research perspective. A more comprehensive system, complete perspective, from the perspective of human capital to examinethe training of new farmers in Chongqing, pointed out that the sustainabledevelopment of agriculture must increase efforts to train new farmers.

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