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Weifang City, the New Rural Social Pension Insurance Practice Problem Research

Author WangMingLiang
Tutor ZhaoZuo
School Ocean University of China
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords New rural social pension insurance Effectiveness analysis Measures to improve
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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China is a large agricultural country which is accounted for70%of the total)opulation of farmers. Under the situation of the developing of aging,how to solve he pension problems is a big challenge to this country now. The establishment of ural social endowment insurance system is a systematic project which relates to economic, political, social and cultural. A long-term process is need necessarily to grow it perfectly.。 Rural social endowment insurance system is an important part of:he social security system which is directly related to the vital interests of the majority of farmers, it is a solemn commitment made by the party and the state, an important way to solve the "three rural" issues, which is also an important strategy to improve ind complete this system, to realize that the result of economic can be shared, to solve the urbanization, the widening-gap of the urban-rural, the decreasing protective function of the family and the land.Since the end of2007, the city of Weifang started the pilot work of the new rural social pension insurance. Afterwards, in August of2010, the Weifang municipal government introduced "The pilot opinion to carry out the implementation of the new rural endowment insurance" and determined the guiding ideology, basic principles, objectives, tasks and specific work program of this project. During these five years of promoting the new rural social pension insurance, Weifang gained a lot of good experiences, played a good social role. Meanwhile, there are still many problems and shortcomings which still impact its development.In this paper, a field research method, depth of Weifang City to carry out rural social pension insurance, conscientiously carry out research and first-hand information and data. Introduce the implementation of economic and social background of Weifang City, the new rural social pension insurance based on three levels of Weifang City, push the practical effect of the new rural social pension insurance convergence mobilization Service Managers, Financial fund operators and system analysis that in work to promote the effectiveness of propaganda and mobilization, and insufficient funding incentives is not enough, heavy financial burden on local government, lack of basic handling services, the level of funds is low to preserve and increase the value-added difficulties and convergence of systems issues such as poor.Literature seriously access to relevant information and to understand the progress of the domestic and foreign experts on rural social pension insurance, and other areas of innovative practices and successful experiences of the new agricultural insurance. Collate and summarize the innovative approach of Guangdong Province, Yixing City, Rizhao Economic Development Zone, Yudu County and Baoji City new agricultural insurance based on the absorption of its advantages and perfect Weifang City, work to promote the new agricultural insurance program specific measures:(A) by the publicity work of the new agricultural insurance included in the publicity and planning to carry out targeted specialty publicity and improve the overall quality of publicist measures to promote long-term mechanism to build a new agricultural insurance, insured farmers enthusiasm.(B) multiple channels to enhance the handling capacity of grassroots new farmer’s insurance, and improve the level of management services. This paper proposed two solutions to solve the problem of lack of grass-roots power of new agricultural insurance Attn path:First, in the current Manager mode, to meet the demand for the program of the new agricultural insurance managers; learn from foreign practices, the government purchased the new agricultural insurance services innovative programs.(C) to increase municipal financial support to the new agricultural insurance, expanding the sources of new agricultural insurance fund as well as measures to accelerate the new agricultural insurance municipal co, to strengthen the mobilization and management of the new agricultural insurance fund to protect the safety and integrity of the Fund.(D) through the establishment of a ladder system of financial subsidies, improve the payment mechanism and pensions adjustment mechanism measures to encourage farmers to long-term payment, select the payment of a higher grade.(E) the establishment of the mechanism for convergence with other pension insurance system, and to promote the free movement of labor.

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