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Study on Characteristics and Problem of Agriculture Research and Development in Anhui

Author ChenXiaoYong
Tutor LiuPengLing
School Anhui Agricultural University
Course Agricultural Economics and Management
Keywords Agriculture research and development characteristic issue suggestion
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Agriculture is the foundation of the national economy, and plays an irreplaceable rolein a country’s economic and social life, with the rapid development of science and technology,agricultural science and technology gradually replaced agricultural resource endowmentsbecome the decisive factor in national agricultural comparative advantage. The fact showedthat countries achieve the rapid development of agricultural production and raise theinternational competitiveness of agricultural products. Through measures of improving theagricultural science and technology system, increasing investment in agricultural scienceand technology, optimizing the allocation of resources of agricultural science and technology,and so on.Since the reform and opening up,“three dimensional rural” issues (Problems aboutagriculture,rural areas and peasantry)has been a major problem in China’s economic andsocial development. every year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council spendlots of effort to study and solve the "three dimensional rural" issue. Under the backgroundof economic globalization, especially after joining the WTO, China’s agricultural usher inmore development opportunities. But also facing greater challenges, in the process of China’seconomic and social development, the progress of agricultural science and technology has amore far-reaching significance.Domestic and foreign scholars substantial and in-depth studied agricultural science andtechnology, with the wide research content and innovative research methods. Meanwhile,the domestic and foreign scholars from different angles studied the relationship between thetotal amount of agricultural science and technology, structure, efficiency, investment ingovernment and non-governmental inputs, and the reasons of insufficient investment inagricultural science and technology. The research achieved quite rich achievements, andpromote the scientific development of agricultural research in certain extent.However, these studies are still have some problems: First, most studies lack deepresearch, the depth of logic research need to be further improved; Second, the phenomenonof mismatch between theoretical research and policy recommendations is relatively common,how to solve the problems of agricultural science and technology transformed into practicalpolicy need for further attention. Third, many domestic scholars from the view of nationalpoint, analyzed the problem of agricultural science and technology investment, while did nottake into account of China’s economic development pattern and the eastern and western provinces, or the various economic and agricultural conditions differences;Fourth, how toproperly configure the agricultural sector financial resources and human resourcesdevelopment, accelerate the transformation of agricultural scientific and technological intopractical achievements, the current theory has not yet made a scientific answer.Using the second national R&D resources inventory data of Anhui province, analyzedAnhui Agriculture developed financial resources, human resources, agricultural research,and transformation status of scientific and technological achievements. In order toinvestigate the basic characteristics of agricultural research and development, analysis itsmain problems and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, providebasic data for further research, and also offer reference for government departmentsconcerned to make agricultural research and development decision. The study found that:The characteristics of Anhui agricultural R&D expenditures were as follows:(1) theproportion of agricultural R&D expenditures was small.(2) The structure of agriculturalR&D expenditures was emphasized, the Provision for farming and agriculture, forestry,animal husbandry and fishery services were less than animal husbandry and fishery. Theexpenditures for experimental development were more than applied research. currentexpenditures were more than basic construction cost.(3) The source of Agricultural R&D expenditure was mainly relay on enterprise funds, and following by government funding.The main personnel characteristics of Anhui agricultural science and technology, andagricultural R&D were as follows:(1) The total amount of agricultural scientific andtechnological activities were less;(2) Agricultural science and technology personnel infarming district were the largest, following by animal husbandry, and were the least inforestry;(3) Women agricultural R&D personnel and these with a high degree were less(4) Agricultural R&D staff are mainly concentrated in the planting industry.(5)Experimental development personnel is the main body of agricultural R&D personnel;(6) full-time working staff in agricultural R&D were far lower than in secondary and tertiaryindustries.The main characteristics of Anhui agricultural research and development institutionsand agricultural science and technology projects were as follows:(1)The total number ofscience research institutions in the field is large, but the talents, fundings and equipmentswere lower than the average of province’s research and development institutions.(2)Compared with the second and tertiary industries, agricultural science and technologyprojects in terms of quantity, researchers input, research expenditures and other terms stillhad large gaps.(3) From the types of social activity situation, projects that promote the development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery accounted for5.82%ofthe whole subjects, coming into the fourth place.(4) From the perspective of project sources,agricultural science still lack sufficient subject support, investment in human resources alsoappears insufficient.(5) agricultural science and technology projects distributed unevenly inagriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, and agriculture, forestry, animal husbandryand fishery services.The main characteristics of Anhui Agricultural R&D outputs outcomes were asfollows:(a) Compared with the second and tertiary industries, the output of Anhuiagricultural R&D achievements were less;(2) The farming outputs of Anhui AgriculturalR&D achievements are relatively more.Through the further analysis of Anhui agricultural research and development’scharacteristic, the following questions were found:(1) The funding for agricultural researchand development was less, expenditure structure was irrational;(2) The number ofagricultural R&D personnel was small, personnel structure was irrational;(3) Lack ofagricultural R&D agencies personnel, funding and equipment;(4) The number ofagricultural technology project and the funding was less. These problems made the overalloutput level of Anhui Agricultural R&D activities low.According to the major problem of Anhui agricultural R&D, the followingcountermeasures were proposed:(1) Increase the agricultural R&D investment to build adiversified investment in agricultural R&D system;(2) training and introduce high-levelpersonnel, optimize the structure of agricultural R&D personnel;(3) optimize the allocationof agricultural science and technology resources to enhance the strength of agricultural R&D institutions;(4) Increase the support of project to promote agricultural development gainmore fruits;(5) agricultural research and development should focus on agricultural scienceand basic research.

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