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The Research about Layout Optimization of Cotton in Xinjiang

Author WangQiMeng
Tutor LiHui
School Shihezi University
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords Xinjiang Cotton Comparative advantage Production layout
CLC F326.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Xinjiang is located in the northwest China,the most suitable place in China forcotton. For the recent ten years, Xinjiang cotton has become the first place in severalaspects such as planting area, output, domestic sales, exports. Xinjiang has becomethe largest producer of commodity cotton base and it plays an important role tostabilize the cotton market in China. After China join the WTO, China’s cotton hasbeen shocked in price, quality and amount, while Xinjiang has suffered the most,especially after the2008financial crisis, the farmers has suffered more and more inincome.In order to improve the quality thus, to improve competitiveness of cottonindustry, reduce the impact of foreign cotton, reasonable layout of cotton in Xinjianghas become significance.This study lists some relevant theory such as the agricultural production layouttheory and regional agricultural comparative advantage theory. Firstly introducedproduction and layout of the Xinjiang cotton; Secondly, introduce the layout changeof Xinjiang cotton, mainly from the three major cotton production in Xinjiang and thedifferent areas, than pointed out the factors affecting the layout changes, mainlyagricultural policy, regional cultivated resource and climate differences, regionaldevelopment level and other agricultural products comparative advantage; Fromresources endowment and comprehensive comparative advantage, input and outputangle to calculated the comparative advantage, point out the comparative advantageareas, the results show that the advantages places are mainly concentrated in someareas of the southern Xinjiang; Then analysis the comparative advantage about grainand fruit, draw around the comparative advantage of agricultural products in differentareas; Finally, according to the result of empirical analysis and on the basis of cottonecological layout, refer to the regional comparative advantage and the government’spolicy, this paper offers a solution for rational distribution of cotton in Xinjiang.Based on the above research, the paper draws the following conclusion:First ofall, the advantage of cotton production in Xinjiang has great regional difference, thecomparative advantage area mainly concentrated in the South area, while East andNorth areas are relatively less. Secondly, Xinjiang’s cotton production layout didn’tconsider other local crops and points out that the efficiency of the main cottonproducing areas is relatively low, not in the largest output point. Finally, with the results of empirical analysis, this paper puts forward some measures to guaranteelayout optimization, including actively promote the industrialization of cottonbusiness and increase scientific and technological progress to improve cottonproduction efficiency.

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