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Research on the Enhancement of the Competitiveness of the Flower Industry in China

Author DongJing
Tutor SuKeWu
School Henan University
Course International Trade
Keywords flower industry competitiveness to enhance the diamond model
CLC F326.13
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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21st century, China’s rapid economic development, a good momentum of development in variousindustries. Especially the development of flower industry in China has made a very good achievement. Theflower industry is a dynamic industry, floral products have become commodities in international trade. Atpresent, China has become the world’s largest production base of flowers, and occupies an importantposition in the world flower production and trade patterns. Party and18big and "vigorously promote theconstruction of ecological civilization, and strive to build a beautiful Chinese" approach will further thedevelopment of the flower industry. However, the development of the flower industry in China with theworld flower industry in developed countries, there are still a large gap between how good the flowerindustry in China to enhance the competitiveness of the flower industry in China in the context of economicglobalization development is very important practical significance. This paper studies the development ofChina’s flower industry, the impact of the flower industry competitiveness factors, as well as how toenhance the competitiveness of Chinese flower industry.The paper is divided into four parts. The first part introduces some theoretical overview of thebackground of the topic of this article, the significance of the topic, as well as previous studies, alsodescribes the research method and possible innovations. The second part of the analysis of the mainformation and development of the flower industry, and in-depth analysis of the current development ofChina’s flower industry, Finally, the method of quantitative assessment of the competitiveness of China’sflower industry. The third part is the main part of this article, is to learn from the famous "diamond model",combined with some of the features of the flower industry from production factors, demand conditions,industry competition related industries, the five aspects of a new type of non-tariff barriers in theinternational trade of Chinese flower industry competitiveness factors were analyzed. Here five elements ofcontent models model the five elements are not the same, First, demand conditions include not only thedomestic demand, but also include international demand; followed with the competition in the finalanalysis is the competition, the competitiveness of enterprises by enterprise the quality of decisions. Theenterprise mainly include the quality of the four aspects, namely: the quality of the technology, the qualityof management of the enterprise, the enterprise scale quality and enterprise quality of personnel. Finally, a new type of non-tariff barriers in international trade as a factor to be studied. The fourth part of the article isthe third part of the influencing factors and countermeasures of the flower industry in China inadequaciesexist.In the creative process, to make full use of the latest data, the use of a combination of qualitative andquantitative research methods to the analysis, carried out a detailed study to enhance the competitiveness ofChinese flower industry, and proposed to enhance the international competitiveness of China’s flowerindustry creative ideas.

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