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Research on the Influence of Green Trade Barriers on China’s Tea Exports

Author SongXiaoGuang
Tutor LinGuangHua
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Keywords Green trade barriers Tea export Impact
CLC F326.12
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With environmental problems brought by the economic development of globalization, International trade and the environment contradiction is highlighted. In this process, the green trade protectionism also arises at the historic moment,and Green trade barrier has become the primary means of the green trade protectionism. In recent years, relying on the advantage position in the world trade organization, developed countries has set up various forms of green trade barriers to Limiting the exports of our country. This has a huge impact on China’s foreign trade.china is the origin country of the tea,and it is the earliest courtry which begin to use it. Tea is one of the main object of China’s agricultural products export trade as well, Tea export has been a very important aspect of China’s foreign trade. But due to the the green trade barriers setting by developed countries in recent years, China’s tea exports suffered huge losses.So researching on green barriers to trade and analysing of green trade barriers on China’s tea exports on both negative and positive effect has a great effect and practical significance on China’s tea export.This article is divided into five chapters. In The first chapter, we introduce the research background, research significance, and pointed out the research objectives, research contents, methods and research framework. The second chapter is something about the related theory of research,and it is mainly about the theory of green trade barriers, the theory of international trade and the new trade protectionism theory.At the same time,we make a review and analysis of foreign and domestic related research.It is divided into three categories,the status quo of trade protection theory, the status quo of green trade barriers and the influence of green trade barriers to agricultural trade. The third chapter,we Introduce the situation of tea production and export in China. First,it is a brief introduction of the tea growing situation in our country.and the situation of tea production in China during2001-2011.Then,we select the tea export trade volumes and trade data of China from a period of11years from2001-2011for analysis.Later,we choose five countries which are the very important to China’s tea export for analysis, and the mainpoint is the export volume of tea export. The fourth chapter, we study the influence of green trade barriers on China’s tea export. First of all, we make an analysis of the characteristics and kinds of green trade barriers which China’s tea exports suffered from. Then we collect the reports about China’s tea exports suffered from green trade barriers from authoritative newspapers and the Internet.And we mainly focus on the analysis of the positive and negative effects caused by green trade barriers of China’s tea export of The European Union, and Japan on pesticide residues. At last, we study the positive and negative effects caused by green trade barriers of China’s tea export. Int he fifth chapter, we summarized the reason of how our country tea suffered hardly green trade barriers. The fifth chapter, according to the above research, we draw relevant conclusions and made some effective advise based on current situation abuout the impact of Green trade barrier on China’s tea export. And it mainly about technical factors, industry strategy and the policy of the government.

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