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The Research on Gricultural Structure Optimization of Daqing Based on Grey Theory

Author WangHaiSong
Tutor LiuZhiCheng; LiuLiMin
School Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University
Course Rural and Regional Development
Keywords Agricultural structure Gray correlation Agricultural quality standards Macro-control circulation of agricultural products
CLC F327
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Our country always attached the importance to the development of agriculture, support foragriculture is also increasing, especially in recent years agriculture policy and agriculturalpolicy is to promote the gradual implementation of large-scale development of agriculture.Heilongjiang is China’s large agricultural province, but also the commodity grain productionbase, and with the allocation of production factors to strengthen the international trend,Heilongjiang Province, to promote agricultural industry to promote rural towns, agriculture andrural areas the ability to nurture and intensity are continue to strengthen. Meanwhile, theindustrial structure of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province unbalanced development problemsstill exist, in particular in: the development model still has the extensive mode, the number ofheavy and light quality of agricultural production, resulting in the development of agriculturalprocessing industry is not synchronized, farmers’ income growth and slow. These problems arelargely agricultural economy makes Heilongjiang Province transition to a resource-saving isextremely slow. Therefore, in the context of national agricultural policies to support and benefitagriculture to optimize the industrial structure of Heilongjiang Province, is necessary, but alsovery beneficial. From the current situation of agricultural structure of Heilongjiang Province,and by using gray system theory model as a tool for analysis and forecasting for optimizing theindustrial structure of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province empirical analysis, which found thatcurrent development in Heilongjiang Province, the agricultural structure and its mathematicalanalysis, draw appropriate conclusions, in order to provide a reference in the future viability ofthe agricultural structure adjustment and optimization of the process. According to this idea ofthis total is divided into five sections: Chapter I: Introduction. The main narrative researchbackground, purpose and meaning, the content of the paper focuses on research areas involved,the time-node. Research Summary section is to introduce domestic and foreign-relatedtheoretical perspectives for the agricultural industry structure optimization problem, as the basisfor thesis research. Finally, research methods and ideas make possible innovation and papers.Chapter2: Overview of the agricultural structure optimization theory. Paper introduces the keyconcepts that relate to the concept of industrial structure and industrial structure of agriculture.Chapter III: Analysis of the Development of Agricultural Industrialization in HeilongjiangProvince. From the four main areas of agricultural structure that is composed of farming,fishing, forestry, animal husbandry departure, summed up the situation in HeilongjiangProvince, the history of agricultural structure, and the current profile for this stage is in theagricultural structure of Heilongjiang Province the main aspects of the development of existingstrengths and weaknesses. Chapter IV: Heilongjiang agricultural structure optimization analysis.Gray system theory model for model building and analysis, through the gray system theory graycorrelation analysis of related agricultural output and agricultural output value of each part ofthe internal structure of analysis between, while the internal structure of the agriculturalindustry farming, animal husbandry, various factors affecting fisheries gray correlation analysis,to find the main factors affecting the agricultural structure. Chapter V: HeilongjiangAgriculture Industry Development Problems and constraints. This chapter analyzes the mainproblems of agriculture in Heilongjiang Province, the industrial structure optimization exist,analyze the impact factors of agricultural industrial structure optimization. Chapter VI:Heilongjiang Agricultural industrial structure optimization measures. Chaintech Chapter V of chapter problems are given to solve problems of the agricultural structure of HeilongjiangProvince optimization process countermeasures, countermeasures are: progressive andstrengthen rural market system construction, Heilongjiang Province, to improve their quality,increase investment in agricultural infrastructure efforts to transform government functions andto fully play its role in macro-control, efforts on agricultural product quality standards and ruralservice system, vigorously develop modern agriculture, township enterprises to optimize andadjust the product structure and livestock.

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