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Study on Growth of the Calcium Magnesium Industrial Cluster Analysis and Countermeasure in Jingxing County

Author ZhangJingKe
Tutor LiYanShuang
School Hebei University of Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords industrial cluster calcium magnesium industry growth path SWOT analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years, Industrial cluster with its unique competition, caused the wide attention ofthe world. It will play an important role in the rapid development of the economy, and it becomethe important source of growth and wealth accumulation.The paper taking Jingxing Countycalcium and magnesium industry cluster growth as the research subject, has carried on thethorough analysis and research. The thesis explores the development of industrial cluster powersource, choice of strategy and growth path, and puts forward some policy suggestions, which laythe foundation for sustainable development, as well as other similar industrial clustermanagement activities to provide effective reference. Papers from the research background intothe problem, clearly outlines the research framework of structure and main contents of theresearch, points out the research purpose and significance, research ideas and research methods.Study on industrial cluster and its growth theory have been the focus of carding, contact industryeconomics and strategic management theory, establish the theoretical analysis framework, thispaper based on theoretical analysis.In this article the author discusses the cluster formation anddevelopment phase and characteristic, summed up the calcium magnesium industry clusterpower, Especially located at present Jingxing County calcium magnesium industry cluster at thestage of development. And the growth combined with empirical analysis in detailed treatise.The main results are:(1) Calcium and magnesium in industrial cluster based on SWOTanalysis, In the government of macro view, the view gather cluster and the business enterpriseof tiny view, the authors comprehensively on the growth of industry cluster are analyzed,especially the analysis summed up the growth of industrial clusters in the " two abilities"evolution mechanism. It constitutes the core principles of analysis and demonstration;(2) Theauthors found calcium and magnesium industry cluster growth in network elements, such astrade associations, scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning in the industry toupgrade the overall quality of the important role. Local endogenous and external contactinteractions and technical innovation ability constitutes characteristic industry cluster on thegrowth of.Power source;(3) in the application of the theory on the basis of the deep analysis, theauthor complemented by empirical analysis, put forward to accord with Jingxing County calciummagnesium industry cluster development practical strategic choice, growth path and policysuggestions.

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