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GC Company Service Products Combination Base on Customer Value Optimization

Author XiaoYuChun
Tutor LiuLei
School University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course Business Administration
Keywords market segmentation customer value proposition value chain serviceproduct
CLC F273.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of China’s economy, engineering machinery has beenplaying an important role in the construction industry of bridge, road, mineexploitation, port, and city and so on. At the same time, the manufacturing industry ofengineering machinery itself has also experienced an accelerating development periodof10years, when both international and domestic manufacturers have been enhancingtheir capacity, inducing to the market more fierce competition, serious producthomogeneity, and remarkable market concentration. Especially in the industry ofmechanical loader, there are more than30professional manufacturers out of the130plus manufacturing enterprises. A pretty amount of manufacturers enter into the marketrelying on their cost advantages such as low management cost, light publicresponsibility, imitated manufacturing, or low input in product development by accessto technical resources through special channels at a low price. The industrial marketstays generally in a status of low-level unordered competition with serioushomogeneity. Besidesthat the core technology of large-scale mechanical equipment isstill in monopoly of foreign brands, the domestic mechanical loader of less than5twhich accounts for about80%of the market shares lacks core competition advantagein respect of technology and product quality. Under the conditions of macroeconomicregulation and control, slowing down of demand enhancing, and excess manufacturingcapacity, it becomes the focus that all engineering machinery suppliers should attachgreat importance to that how to obtain competitive advantages, take higher marketoccupancy, realize scale growth, meet the capital demand of this capital intensiveenterprise, and keep sustainable development.Based on analysis of GC company in regards of its market competitiveness,operation status, as well as the competitive environment of the market that it belongs,this paper evolves from the value proposition of different kinds of consumers toresearch on the value chain of the end users of engineering machinery. It analyzes thedemand of different consumption groups respectively in the pre-sales, in sales, andafter-sales periods in order to optimize customer value by analysis and optimization ofservice product portfolio, so as to realize an effective combination of costumer valueand enterprise value and come up to a win-win result through the process of value discovery, value creation, and value delivery.This paper targets on establishing a respectively integrated service productportfolio scheme through theoretical analysis and combination of enterprise strategicplanning and the factual conditions. First, it analyzes the activities of buyers,subdivides the consumer group, and classify the value proposition of differentconsumers. Then it optimizes the present service products with combination of thepresent status of GC company. Finally, it studies on and designs the service productsthat have major influences on the customer value but is not yet provided. Consequently,it comes up with an integrated service product portfolio.Due to the changes of engineering machinery industry as well as the restriction ofthe research ability of the author and the actual conditions, this paper needs to beimproved in some fields. For example, it needs to be improved in the exploitation ofthe ideology and demand changes of the engineering machinery industry employees inresult of age structure changes, economic environment changes, scientific technologydevelopment and information technology development. Besides, the successorresearchers may improve it in the study on the influence service product has on internalcorporation process optimization and reconstitution, and in the aspect that how tocreate value for the enterprise while realizing customer value optimization, i.e., thispaper researches only on the value the enterprise creates for its customer but not on thevalue the customers pay back to the enterprise.

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