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Research on Improvement of Staff Performance Appraisal System in Great Wall Information Finance Corporation

Author WenFang
Tutor WuWenHua
School Hunan University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Great Wall Information Finance Corporation Performance appraisal Balance Score Cards Key Performance Indicator
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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Along with global economy fast developing, performance management inbusiness management is more and more important. Among this, performancemeasurement is also paid more attention in the core position in a company,and hasalready become the key point of human resources management. Setting theperformance measurement index almost is the key of designing the performancemeasurement system. How to promote the enterprise’s core competitiveness and howto motivate staffs through the science performance appraisal,to attract,to cultivateand to motivate the core talented person, are the key factors for survival anddevelopment of the enterprise.The performance appraisal is an important component of human resourcemanagement, and it is the effective control method for the organization to reach thestrategic target. Establishing the effective performance appraisal system is importantto promote management level of the business,to enhance competitive power of theenterprise. This article takes the Great Wall Information Finance Corporation as theobject of study. After making a research on the company’s performance appraisalsystem,the author helps the company try to carry on the re-engineering and theimplementation with the performance appraisal system. The Great Wall InformationFinance Corporation is a communication electronic enterprise. In recent years,itsmarket has been growing rapidly. As for human resource management, not only themode of administration,but also the tool of performance management cannot meet theenterprise’s fast need to develop. As a manager of resource department in thecompany, the author takes an investigation by questionnaire and talking withworkers and staffs referring to the enterprise’s strategy goal, the enterprise’spersonnel and the service characteristic. Meanwhile, according to the knowledgelearned in the study of MBA and the accumulation experience,the author has carriedon the re-engineering to the company’s performance appraisal system, in the purposeof helping the enterprise enhance the performance appraisal, drive the ideal well,“the staff acts as low key personhood, works earnestly”, achieves the sales target.In this paper, on the basis of analysis of financial equipment company’sbusiness, management status,the author uses the performance appraisal theories andpractices to create a Combination of performance appraisal system of the sector and individual positions. In the assessment process,firstly,according to the BalancedScorecard, we determine the focus of the performance evaluation of variousdepartments,then the use of KPI,the assessment focus is subdivided into specificperformance index. Improved the performance appraisal system, not only i pay moreattention to collect the information of the performance appraisal indicators,constantly analyze and improve performance appraisal indicators,but also attachégreat importance to make the standardized business management and day-to-daybehavior put into effect. The results of performance appraisal are linked with staffsalaries,career development to promote the company and employees to improve anddevelop.

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