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Study on the Key Client Relationship Management of Jiangsu Hengtong Group

Author ChenGuiCai
Tutor CaoXiShen; LingFengTian
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Business Administration
Keywords key client client value client credit relationship management
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Optical fiber and cable industry facing the development environment ofglobalization of market competition, and increasing customer demand for personalized,diversified and the level of demand, the traditional optical fibre and cable enterprises inChina marketing mode, because too homogeneous and the gradual loss of competitiveadvantage. In the case of enterprise resources and limited market demand, maintainingthe relationship between optical fibre and cable enterprises to cooperate with customerspay more attention, especially need to establish long-term in-depth cooperationrelationship with key customers, so more conducive to stabilize the market, occupy theadvantage in the increasingly fierce competition.Jiangsu Hengtong group as the optical fiber and cable service enterprises, have awide range of customers, which have the basic conditions for large customermanagement. In this paper, using literature research method, case analysis andmathematical model analysis method, based on customer management, life cycle, creditevaluation and other related theories, discuss the customer relationship management ofJiangsu Hengtong group. Jiangsu Hengtong group in the customer relationshipmanagement, the existence of a large customer marketing ideas not completely reverse,relationship maintenance policy assurance not well, customer scale structure is notreasonable, customer relationship maintenance means lack of art, client manager jobresponsibilities unclear problems. Then, this paper analyzes the causes of the problems,which include: external customer expectations high, additional choices customers topartner more; internal cause including insufficient, client manager, human resourcestraining and reserve customer centered service consciousness is not strong, the companyoperation management pattern is too conservative.Jiangsu Hengtong group needs to customers in a timely manner to makeassessment, the credit evaluation is an important means for large customer management,so as to make whether to retain the customer ID or constraints in a decision. This paperestablished a large customer credit evaluation index system and evaluation model, usingthe analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to determine the index weight, and uses the fuzzymathematics evaluation method for the evaluation of Jiangsu Hengtong group a bigcustomer the credit. Passing through the application analysis, verify the feasibility of themodel, thereby Jiangsu Hengtong group can master each customer’s credit status,provide the reference for the large customer relation management decision.According to the Jiangsu Hengtong group customer relationship managementproblems, puts forward improvement measures, mainly including: customer relationshipmanagement organization construction and process reengineering, strengthen customermanager role, the implementation of the strategy of customer life cycle management,the implementation of personalized service strategy of large customers.In this paper, the theory of customer relationship management and JiangsuHengtong group practice, has a certain practical significance, and provide a theoreticalreference for the other enterprises to establish customer management system.

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