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The Research on the Effects of China-Japanese-Korean Fta on Electromechanical Products Trade in the Future

Author DengXiaoYue
Tutor JiangWenXue
School Dongbei University of Finance
Course International Trade
Keywords Electromechanical Tariff Trade Effect
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Recent years witness the rapid development of the regional economic developing in East Asia, building CJK FTA is a necessary process towards achieve regional integration in this Area. As an extremely vital proportion in foreign trade, Electromechanical product also are believed one of the pillar industries among China, Japan and Korea. According to statistics, electromechanical trade in China and Japan, China and South Korea bilateral trade in goods accounted for as high as30%-40%. With the fast development of China’s economy, it can be predicted CJK FTA is bound to have an effect on China-Japan and China-South Korea bilateral trade of the electromechanical products. This new framework should provide a more adequate power and chance for the electromechanical products trade’s development. Besides, China can take advantage of advanced technologies from Japan and Korea, to upgrade our own products.For China, Developing FTA is a must to safeguard relevant interest. In the future, however, there are some questions for China, how to cope with those high-quality products from Japan and Korea, how to take chance to improve themselves, which are the focus of this paper. It is totally consisted of the following parts.The dissertation starts with the whole introduction, which summarizes the research background, the significance, the literature review, the research model and the innovation as well as the shortage.Then the second part analyzes the electromechanical products trade status among China, Japan and Korea. Then the dissertation puts forwards with trade scale, trade structure and tariff comparison. Based on the current situation, the rest part evaluates competitiveness performance of the electromechanical product among three countries, which involves the Reve-lated Comparative Advantages, the trade special coefficient index and the international market share index.The following part puts forward the effects of the FTA among China, Japan and Korea. First of all, after briefly introducing the basic theory, there is the introduction of the principle and model of Partial Equilibrium Analysis Method (Verdoorn Schwartz), which,then, is adopted to analyze the static performance of trade Finally, using the elastic analysis measures the tariff concessions that can help to analyze the impact that the C JK FTA has on electromechanical trade of our country.At last, the conclusion part summarizes the main content of this dissertation and what is more, there are primary advices to cope with some problems, For instance, how to defeat other excellent products, how to develop our disadvantage industry as well as improve ourselves, and whether China properly pinpoint their own position in CJK FTA, to be leadership or not and so on. There is a sincere prospect for future electromechanical development of China.

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