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A Study on the Impact of Perceived Quality of Chinese Home Appliance on Customer Satisfaction

Author WangFei
Tutor QiaoJun
School Nanjing University of Finance and Economics
Course Business management
Keywords perceived quality customer satisfaction home appliance
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China’s domestic home appliance brand and overseas home appliance brand inhome appliance domain have appeared to be increasingly homogenization of thecompetitive situation.China’s domestic home appliance brand product sales hasaccounted for nearly seventy percent of the domestic home appliance top ten totalsales. Some scholars think that based on the domestic home appliance brand value ishigher than the overseas home appliance brand,succeeding in the forefront of thedomestic home appliance brand,however some other scholars insist that we can’t justuse sales market share to determine brand value. So after ten years of developmentwhat kind of status our domestic home appliance brand value at in the consumers’mind still need a complete set of evaluation system to determine through thecustomer’s perception evaluation. This study hopes to use the empirical analysis onconsumers’ perceived quality satisfaction grade evaluation and the quantitativemethod to test the perceived quality of actual size for home and abroad homeappliance brand, at the same time that to test the feasibility of SERVQUAL scaleapplied to home appliance brand products through empirical study, so as to furtherexpand the scale in the field of home appliance use range.It also wish to build homeappliance brand of perceived quality evaluation system by really combined theproduct of tangible and intangible service attributes, finding specific index to theinfluence of customer satisfaction index sort in the home appliance brand productlevel, then provide specific theoretical reference and practical guidance for homeappliance brand to increase brand value and customer satisfaction.This article selects the home appliance industry representative brand Siemensand haier’s two electric brand as the research object, based on the predecessors forperceived quality research results, constructing China’s household electrical appliancebrand perceived quality measurement scale, and compare the two brands for the brandvalue of the quantification through the SPSS statistical software, and further discussesthe perceived quality of customer satisfaction of the specific impact. The studyconcluded that five dimensions of home appliance brand perceived quality (tangibles,reliability, responsiveness, ensurance and empathising) has a positive influence oncustomer satisfaction, confirming that the transformation of the perceived qualityscale can effectively measure appliance brand product perceived quality satisfactionscore. In addition, this study also analyzed the final score of Siemens electrical appliances and haier electrical appliances’ two major products. The analysis resultsshow that overall the haier represented local home appliance brand give customerbetter satisfaction feeling than Siemens represented foreign home appliance brand; theperceived satisfaction provided by Siemens refrigerators services is higher than itswashing machine, haier’s the washing machine product is higher than the refrigerator.Finally this paper also analyzed a detailed contrast on specific dimensions, findingthat Siemens is superior to haier except of the dimensions of tangibles, but haierfinally win the customer heart with its product design and competitive price.This study early introduced SERVQUAL scale into the field of home appliance,to expand the scope of application of the SERVQUAL scale by verifying theapplicability. At the same time it shows the specific points of domestic homeappliance brand with overseas home appliance brand by measuring the domestichome appliance brand perceived quality satisfaction in order to offer quantificationtheoretical support for the local home appliance brand to find insufficient in the brandpromotion and foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in order to play their owncompetitive advantage.

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