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Southern Shaanxi Yangxian County Xie Cun Yellow Wine history and Its Modern Implications

Author XieZuo
Tutor DuanTaLi
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Sociology
Keywords Folk old Yang County in southern Shaanxi Xie village rice wine Rise and Fall Modern Enlightenment
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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China has many ethnic characteristics of the traditional business and industry,as a civilized country,with nearly five thousand years of history. These traditional national industry and commerce is a witness and a microcosm of the fine Chinese ancient culture. Rice wine in China as the world’s one of the three ancient wine, which has become an important ethnic products. This is also our nation’s industrial treasures. While the southern Shaanxi Yangxian Xiecun rice wine rice wine in northern China important representatives, to explore and study the rise and fall of history and the characteristics of the development and flourishing reason, no doubt, this has important academic value and good practical significance.This article focuses on the long history of the development of the of southern Shaanxi Yangxian thank the village of rice wine, especially the Shang and Zhou dynasties to modern the Yangxian Xie village rice wine has gone through several major reform and evolution, by analyzing every reason in the evolution and laterthe results of change to explore its thriving reasons, as well as its development and the interaction between modern society, to sum up the wide range of social reference and universal demonstration effect, and the promotion of social modernization important role in promotingand by summing up the reasons for his flourishing trying to find the protection of our traditional private industry and commerce, development and growth of the implications for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in China an important reference significance.This article is divided into a total of six parts:The first chapter is part of the Introduction, which contains the main purpose of this research and its significance, the status quo of the research, several concepts specifically define and study the basic ideas and research methods, as well as innovation of this paper points; chapter Xie village rice wine three thousand years of historical development of the river of folk history and legends, which mainly include Xie village of rice wine production, wine origin of the name, brewing techniques improved, civil festivalthe twists and turns in the history of legends and background; analysis the southern Shaanxi Yangxian Xiecun wine development process presented the main features to summarize the in different historical harsh historical conditions, can continue to maintain the development of the main reasonsanalysis; Chapter phased study of the evolution of the history of the development of the southern Shaanxi Yangxian Xie village rice wine, this is in accordance with the evolution of the enterprise itself can be divided into several large historical stage, and mining them every evolvingthe deep-seated causes and evolution after the presentation of the results of the reform, to analyze the development of private enterprises and the social and political background and market economy under the conditions of the study of the interaction between the two; Chapter elaborated in southern Shaanxi YangxianXie village of rice wine evolution of history give us protection and development such like Xie village of rice wine, folk modern implications of the old national enterprises; sixth chapter is the concluding remarks of this article, so for the southern Shaanxi Yangxian Xiecun rice wine has a history of3,000years of civildevelopment in the long history of the twists and turns of old enterprises, but also as the object of protection of intangible cultural heritage in China, dig and system analysis demonstrated strong vitality, learn from his defying history is difficult, based on the modern marketachieved outstanding results valuable experience, which will undoubtedly have great practical significance and theoretical value for us to study the history of the development of national enterprises today’s society, civil society and the development of national enterprises.

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