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The Optimization Study on the Index System of the Textile Enterprise Environmental Performance Evaluation

Author ShaoHua
Tutor SongXiaYun
School Ningbo University
Course Business management
Keywords low-carbon economy environmental performance index system
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In recent years our country has rapidly developed in economic, however, the problem ofenvironmental deterioration caused by the abusive use of resources and pollution has followed atthe same time. Now, the increasingly embodied problem of the environment pollution has arousedgreat concern of the community. Facts have proved that the way which makes the economicdeveloped at the expense of environment is not going to work. While only by the efforts of thegovernment to solve the problem is far from enough, also need to take effective steps to encourageenterprises to actively participate in. Enterprise is not only the main body of the the social activities,but also the main creator of the environment problem, therefore, the establishment of the indexsystem of enterprise environmental performance evaluation becomes an effective way to improvethe issue.The low-carbon economy which was put forward in the context of the change of the globalclimate, and succeeded ecological economy, circular economy, and green economy has becomethe mainstream model in economic development in current society. This paper optimized the indexsystem of enterprise environmental performance evaluation from the low-carbon economyperspective, which is of great significance to perfecting the index system of evaluation andpromoting the sustainable development of the social economy.Apart from the introduction and conclusion, this essay was mainly divided into four parts: thefirst part established the theoretical foundation of enterprise environmental performance evaluation,and extracted the idea of the optimization of the index system, through analyzing the performanceevaluation theory, the sustainable development theory, low-carbon economy theory and thecorporate social responsibility theory; by analyzing and borrowing the experience and weakness ofthe traditional index system both at home and abroad, and combining with the environmentalfeatures of the textile enterprises, the second part put forword the assume of the index system, from the point of the low-carbon economy, with the influence of the environmental managementperformance, the operating performance and the social impact; the third part performed aquestionnaire survey according to the designed index, which provided the practical foundation forconstituting and applying the index system of enterprise environmental performance evaluation,and built the evaluation model, then proposed a workable comprehensive evaluation, anddetermined the index weight; the fourth part, taken the textile enterprises as sample, studied theapplication of the method of enterprise environmental performance evaluation on the basis ofempirical research, then came to the evaluation conclusion in the end.

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