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Country of Origin Effect of Brand Clothing Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior

Author GuoChi
Tutor PanLi
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords China Japan South Korea country of origin effect clothing brandconsumer buying behavior
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Today, the country of origin effect has been taken many attentions by research ofinternational communication scholars. Eastern and Western researchers have confirmed thecountry of origin effect does exist. However, the research of China′s brand of country oforigin effect to carry out not long, not much results. Very few of study results on countries oforigin effects, specifically for China,Japan and South Korea is almost blank.As Japan andSouth Korea clothing brands are increasingly fast in Chinese clothing market, grabconsumersfrom Japan and South Korea clothing brand become the key point of domesticclothing brand need to do in marketing. In this paper, approach of empirical research to thestudy of Chinese consumers whether origin effect exist when facing the clothing brand inChina, Japan and South Korea.This survey detect consumers in Dalian, the three key factorsof purchase intention of China, Japan and South Korea branded apparel, SPSS13.0softwareused to obtain data were analyzed,Confirmed the country of origin effects on consumerbuying behavior does exist. In this paper, use brand image and product beliefs country oforigin as independent variables, use purchase behavior as the dependent variable, use survey’sgender, age, educational level and income level as a moderatorto explore the country of origineffects on consumer buying behavior.In view of significant differences of Dalian consumersin blind test and open test (Consumers often buy the majority of Chinese branded clothing inthe blind test, when the consumers like Japan and South Korea branded clothing mostly inopen test), Further evidence show the country of origin of the branded clothing does influenceconsumer buying behavior. After indepth empirical studies, research findings obtained, andbased on research results,this paper proposed some recommendations of the domesticclothing brand marketing strategy. The innovation of this study are:1Inreviewing the effectsof brand origin theories, and combing summary and study, established my own researchmodel on country of origin effect.2through indepth study, confirmed Chinese consumerswhen facing to buy Chinese, Japan and South Korea brand clothing, contryof origin effect doproduced. and explored how the country of origin and beliefs of Chinese, Japan and SouthKorea effect Chinese consumers to buy products of them. Meanwhilethe questionnaire also confirmed by the actual purchases of Chinese consumers. And study the effects ofdemographic regulation to the country of origin.3.Empirical Researchin Chinese, Japan andSouth Korea specifically, Chinese consumers have country of origin effect problems, Providesome effective conclusions, Meanwhile, do some empirical research on Chinese consumer’sbehavior to buy brand clothing of Chinese, Japan and South. These have certain referencevalue for clothing enterprises in China to develop its own marketing strategy and alsoproposed for the clothing enterprises in China brand marketing strategy.

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