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Executive Team Matching Effectiveness under the Guide of Industry Cluster Upgrading

Author TianHuiZi
Tutor HeLianZhiWei
School Yanshan University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords industry cluster upgrading executive team competence characteristics matching effectiveness structural equation model
CLC F272.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The main purpose of this paper is to establish the index system of matchingeffectiveness after analyzing the influencing factors of the industry cluster upgrading, andto build up the model of executive team matching effectiveness under the guide ofindustry cluster upgrading through exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factoranalysis, the research can be a theoretical basis of enhancing the matching effectivenessdegree between executive team and the guide of industry cluster upgrading andsuccessfully promoting the upgrading and development of industry cluster. The paper usesthese followed method to do research work, they are the combination of qualitativeanalysis and quantitative analysis, the combination of standardized analysis and empiricalanalysis, and the combination of theoretical study and applied study.Firstly, the paper starts with the analysis of the research background and the researchsignificance, and then analyse the research status at home and abroad from three aspects,they are industry cluster upgrading, executive team competence characteristics andmatching effectiveness, they are the theoretical basis of selecting the index system and domatching effectiveness research.Secondly, on the basis of describing the three aspects of knowledge, which areindustry cluster upgrading, executive team and matching effectiveness, the paper proposethe11influencing factors of industry cluster upgrading and the concept of matchingeffectiveness, according to the research method of matching effectiveness and the11influencing factors of industry cluster upgrading, the paper propose the index system ofthe study of matching effectiveness, and judge the rational and scientific level through theexpert scoring method, and eventually get35indexes of competence characteristics.Thirdly, the questionnaire is designed and distributed according to the proposed indexsystem, after the item analysis, exploratory factor analysis and the reliability analysis, weget11common factors, they are team competition ability, team relationship ability, teamdevelopment ability, team concept ability, team self-organization ability, team opportunityability, team innovation ability, team production and management ability, team marketing ability, team planning ability and team collaboration ability, and then raise the conceptmodel of matching effectiveness research.Finally, according to the data collected by the questionnaire that distributed again, theresearch does the descriptive statistics analysis, reliability and validity analysis and thestructural equation confirmatory factor analysis, the data passes the test of all the fittingparameters and the significant level of indicators estimate, verify that the proposedconcept model fits the data, the paper gets these path coefficients between differentvariables, and gives weights to the matching effectiveness and different variables using thecorrelation weighting methed and the calculation method of scoring the matchingeffectiveness, and gives reasonable proposals from three aspects, which are buildingevaluation mechanisms of matching effectiveness, strengthening the executive teamcompetence characteristics focusedly, promoting executive team competencecharacteristics comprehensively.

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