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Research on the Impact of Individual Characteristics on Research Integrity Conduct Based on Multi-agent

Author XiongXinZheng
Tutor XiuLiJun
School Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course Business management
Keywords research integrity multi-agent systems integrity behavior individual characteristics
CLC G316
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the high-speed development of science and technology. technology increasingly closely linksto the socio-economic, breach of ethical research misconduct in the world occur frequently. As thestem cell fraud case of South Korea’s top scientists and " clone " father Hwang, the Han core serieschip counterfeiters of the research team leaded by Chen Jin, the professor of Shanghai Jiao tongUniversity, the paper fraud case of research team leaded by Li lian da who is a Chinese Academy ofEngineering and so on. The issue of the integrity of research has become the focus of widespreadconcern in the country, colleges and universities, and public.This paper simulates the individual characteristics on impact of the researchers’ faith conduct bythe modeling approach based on multi-agent systems.Firstly,The paper reviews the literature ofresearch integrity research systematically and comprehensively, using meta-analysis methods tosummarize the influence factors of choice of the behavior of researchers. Then,on this basis to sort outthe individual characteristics of the researchers, they are curiosity, creativity and exploratory spirit,independence and autonomy. Finally,the paper builds a simulation model, and adopts Netlogosimulation platform for experimental simulation, and simulates the dynamic process of individualcharacteristics on impact of the researchers’ faith conduct; the paper analyses the results of thesimulation experiment by descriptive statistical methods, and gets two-factor interactions between theindividual characteristics of researchers; the paper draws three-dimensional graphics with matlab, andanalyses the interaction of the three factors of the individual characteristics of researchersAfter analysis by multiple simulation results, the paper argues that in a certain range, the higherthe degree of curiosity, the greater the probability of subject selection faith conduct.However, after themain body integrity probability is improved to a certain extent, its integrity probability is notimproved with the improvement in the level of curiosity. Curiosity is part of true and false, reallycurious researchers is not easy to make a misconduct in the project application and execution stage,But at the end of the project, there will increase the probability of emergence of misconduct, falsecuriosity researchers may appear misconduct in project application stage, misconduct probabilitywill increase considerably in the stage of project implementation and end. Enhancing the degree ofvalue of creativity and exploratory spirit, independence and autonomy, the quantity of researcherschoose integrity behavior is not always upgrade, When the levels of creative and exploratory spirit,independence and autonomy increase to a certain extent, improving levels of creative and exploratoryspirit, independence and autonomy will reduce the number of researchers selection to act with integrity; when curiosity, creativity and exploratory spirit, independence and autonomy are all at thehighest level,the number of integrity researchers is not the biggest, When curiosity is at the highestlevel, and creative and exploratory spirit are at the high level(value of5),and independence andautonomy are at the high level(value of5), the number of integrity researchers is the largest; Thereare synergistic effects between the individual characteristics of researchers curiosity, creativity andexploratory spirit, as well as the independence and autonomy of the three factors, that is, when afactor is at the lower level, an appropriate increasing in the level of the other two factors can increasethe number of researchers who choose faith conduct.

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