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A Research of the Differences between the Role Stress of Bank Employees at the Status of Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard

Author Ming
Tutor BaiSheng
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Business management
Keywords Balanced Scorecard Bank Employees Ro1e Stress Role Conflict RoleAmbiguity
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the increasingly fierce competition among banks, many banks have aready usedBalanced Scorecard or will use it to maintain competitive advantages and achieve businessgoals. Chandler’ theory—“structure following strategy” tells us that companies must changeor adjust their forms of organizations to adapt to the needs of the strategy in order to ensurethe success of the strategy. Changes in the structure of companies will inevitably lead to arealignment and re-allocate of employees’ functions. And the adjustment of the capacity andpsychological adaptation will accompany with it.Once employees can not adjustthemselves,and positioning and changing the role, they may suffer from psychological stress.This pressure, if not handled properly,it will cause negative impacts. Role theory suggests thatthe organizational factors will impact employees’ role stress.Generation of role stress willimpact employees’performance and affect Corporate performance further.So this essayfocuses on the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard impact from the individuallevel,and mainly researches on the influence of the Balanced Scorecard implementation tobank staff’s role stress in different stages.This paper is based on the theory of balanced scorecard and the role stress.Firstly,thisresearch reviews the reseaches of the use of BSC in banks and employees’ role stress, andunderstands the implementation of the balanced scorecard to the influence of the bankemployee by bank employees interview,and then puts forward proposition—Theimplementation of the balanced scorecard will influence bank staff role stress. Through thefurther investigation to the staff,this reaserch finds that The implementation of the balancedscorecard has different influence to bank staff role stress in different stages.Therefore thispaper puts forward6hypothesis combining the theory.This paper uses the empirical researchmethod. Through the questionnaire survey to collect the data,the research uses SPSS16.0toanalysis the data and inspect the changes of the bank staff role stress in different stages of theimplementation of BSC. The main conclusions can be concluded as follows:1.The bank stafffeel more role conflict and role ambiguity in the banks which have used BSC for a short timethan the ones in the banks which have not use it;2.The bank staff feel less role conflict androle ambiguity in the banks which have used BSC for a long time than the ones in the bankswhich have used it for a shot time;3. The bank staff feel more role conflict and role ambiguityin the banks which have used BSC for a long time than the ones in the banks which have not used it.Then this paper discusses the research findings, analyzes the reasons.And then theresearch put forward management suggestion and the prospect of future research direction.

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