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Empirical Research of Impact Factor to Enterprises’ Mutual Trust Based on Supply Chain Lifecycle

Author YouYiYun
Tutor WangLi
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords supply chain lifecycle trust influential factors structurre equationmodeling
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of economic globalization and information technology,modernenterprises have been faced with more and more intense competition,and they compete andcooperate with each other in supply chain system. They must build a good trust relationshipbetween each other to gain a competitive advantage in supply chain system. Eventually, theyform the benign competition and realize resources and profit sharing between each other.The stable relations of cooperation is directly related to the success of the operation of thesupply chain management, and the trust is an very important factor of supply chainpartnership. The article is meaningful to solve problem about trust between the members ofthe supply chain.Based on life cycle theory, Supply chain partnership was divided into four stages:for-ming stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage. In different stages of supplychain development, it needs different levels or different aspects of the relationship, and italso needs different degrees of trust. That three levels of trust are ability, reliability and goodwill.Then it constructed three trust factor structural equation models in three life-cyclestages (sprout, grow and mature).Meanwhile, trust factors include enterprises’ reputation,information sharing, mutual dependence(two measuring dimensions of mutual dependenceare the dependence of non-core enterprises to core enterprises and core enterprises tononcore enterprises) and contact experience. By surveying to related personnel of700manufacturing companies and getting related datum,then the article did statisticanalysis,analysis of reliability and validity, model fit analysis, evaluation about degree offitting and hypothesis testing of structural equation model by SPSS and Amos. The articleverified the multiple impact of factors on the trust in the different phases: in three stages ofsupply chain life cycle, which include forming stage, growth stage and mature period,enterprises’ reputation,communication and information share and the dependence ofnon-core enterprises to core enterprises contribute less positive influence to ability andreliability gradually. Meanwhile, the dependence of core enterprises to non-core enterprisescontributes less negative influence to ability and reliability. In the forming stage, the keyimpact factor of trust is enterprises’ reputation; in growth stage, the key influential factors oftrust are information sharing and mutual dependence; in mature period, the key influentialfactor of trust is contact experience. The result is meaningful to improve the level of trustbetween the members of the supply chain.At last,the article put forward to enlightenment about promoting development of trust.

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