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The Research of Consumer Perceived Value’s Influence in Promotional Discount on Network

Author CaoZhiJiang
Tutor WangChaoYun
School Anhui University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Network discount promotion Consumer perceived value Need forcognition
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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With the development of network economy rapid in China during recent ten years, the online trading system is becoming to be mature, the focus of consumers has been moving from the aspect of system services in the past to the substantial benefits brought by Internet transactions. Consumers’demands for network service suppliers are not only he can provide the goods, but also it must have added value in the process of purchase. Different ways of network promotion, however, because of the cognitive needs and different personalities of consumers, the perceived value is very different, and thus promotion effect influences, so the operator should study it further, in the past, study the relationship between network promotion and consumer from the angle of promotion, the traditional marketing theory and network promotion, they focus more on how to stimulate consumer buying behavior, to increase the quantity of purchases. But caring about profit enjoyed by consumers from sales promotion process, as well as a variety of different psychological feelings are few and far between, so this study is to clarify the consumer identity of promotions under different promotion methods, and the cognition of the value they gained, so as to determine whether this kind of promotion is appropriate.The process of research, this paper found that the perceived value and consumerrelated to many factors, network promotion mode selected in this study are as follows:discount promotion, probation, gifts, sweepstakes, contests and membership set point.Found in the course of the study, was the use of network promotion way to discount promotion most, reached53%, this study selected discount promotion a study factors;analysis of its impact on consumers’perceived value; to explore how to better attractconsumers to participate in the use, thus can give practitioners and researchers to provide reference and suggestion.There are a variety of consumer perceived value, domestic and foreign scholars havedifferent opinions in the process of research, this study based on previous research results, the consumer perceived value can be divided into:save, quality, convenience,value communication, entertainment and explore six aspects. In the network promotionprocess, there are many factors that can influence on consumers’ perceived value ofpromotion, in addition to outside, such as different cognitive demand and demographic variables will affect the consumer can obtain the value perception. But in the analysis of the promotion effect of the basic general, the key is to look at whether the company sales increase. While the process in a seller’s market to a buyer’s market gradually gradually transformed, enterprises increasingly difficult to attract consumers, it is necessary to refine the perceived value of consumers, do in-depth research. On this basis, further study of the influence of network discount promotionway to different perceived value, through the analysis of the data, and explore thereasons for the formation of the data, we found that has a lot of uncertainty in the online purchase, consumers pay more attention to save interest pursuit, and aggravate and network management low cost competition all the business conditions for discount promotion; but the discount promotion will affect consumer acceptance in quality, and will hurt the brand and product image; discount promotion will facilitate consumer choice of space and time, to allow consumers to choose and buy goodsmore easily; in communicating value, discount promotion let consumers more intuitive,that will not cause resentment among consumers, but also for the exchange of equal value identity; man is a social animal, so in the entertainment interest, discount bothpositive factors in the cluster or the AC level can be provided to consumers as much,plays a positive role in related; discount promotion, can fully mobilize the networkconsumer demand for the pursuit of curiosity and successful exploration benefit. Thediscount promotions to consumers saving, convenience, value communication,entertainment and research has a positive effect on quality, and has a negative effect on.This study explore the influence of network promotion ways to consumers’ perceived value, based on the promotion theory, consumer behavior theory and the theory of cognitive demand, and the beginning of analysis is from consumers’ psychological level and operators’promotion strategies, by the means of questionnaire and data analysis to make a comparison between promotional types division effect, so as to clarify how to choose between the effect of network marketing and promotion way, and give a reference for the study and application in the field of future academy and industry.

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