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An Empirical Study on Visual Promotion Art for the Inlfuence of Network Sales in E-commerce The Visual Promotion Art on Network Sales in E-commerce

Author LinZuo
Tutor GuoJianNan
School Zhejiang University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords electronic commerce internet vision marketing advertising effectiveness
CLC F724.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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With the rapid development of electronic commerce, the internet creates a new consumerexperience. The boundaries of Online and offline business are increasingly blurred. A "new retailenvironment has appeared. All this will create a new commercial revolution. In this paper,through visual impact factors of different people in the network shopping, for differentconsumer shopping habits and more scientific data reference, this paper will guide personsconsumption behavior to meet the consumption target.Combined with the characteristics of the network shopping environment and characteristicsof commodity display, reference to previous literature and interviews consumer groups, finally toset up5dimensions. Get the target popular visual style of products with marketing plan, guidethe business enterprise to develop the effectiveness of advertising way in internet,to promote thebrand positioning and sales promotion.This paper put the purpose customer into six parts:(1) The students (below20) have entered the online shopping Army, which graduallychanging the shopping way.(2) The college students (21-25), are the important group of online shopping.(3) The people between26and30, which have certain economic income and have ownviews on online shopping product selection. Compared with the students, they are calmer at theclothing quality and price.(4)31-40year s old men and women, most of them have their families, so their shoppinghabits and visual preference with a different field experience tend.(5) Men and women aged40~50is no longer the main consumption group. They actuallyprefer the street shop because of it can be tried on.(6) After50, retired people, also love online shopping, keep on affordable price in network.The research information are based on gender, education level, age, occupation and income.In addition, according to some friendly responders feedback, do some delete and modify study.The effective methods to build a brand in the network sales marketing is the brand story. The promotion of the brand has the closely linked the brand value, brand culture.This paper takes5reasons as the research factor:One, the relationship between an advertising and the influence of network sales.It is difficult to reach the Advertising expected effect if the audience feel it was terrible. Theinteresting information can help marketing become more precise.Two, the fitness of advertising effect and products between the influence of network sales.The brand value of information can make consumers more carefully on mutualcommunication and promotion. If the effective communication won the high trust andrecommendation, it will show the strong shared value effect. Good trust in any case will be moreefficient and reliable than single motive marketing.Three, the relationship between video advertising and the influence of network salesYoung Internet users at the age of12-24years share half of network video ads show. Mostof them would try to buy these products on the video ads.Four, public trust and the influence of network sales.For online shopping, user like showing their buying experience to others or friends. It isbecoming more and more popular.Five, the relationship between brand culture and the influence of network sales.An impassive story help customer to remember this brand name, or help people to find thisbrand is good to our body life.Research will be the combination of theory and practice, take PAECE BIRD group as a case,both in men’s fashion and magic women s fashion.

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