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The Isomorphic Thinking in the Spread of Brand Integration in the Value of Diversity

Author MaJing
Tutor RenZuo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords isomorphic thought graph isomorphism brand communication integrated marketing advertising planning identity unified value diversity
CLC F274
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The thesis is based on the creative method of graph isomorphism in graphic design,which covers various disciplines in art and design in recent years with the configuration ofgraphics creative method application status. Projectors and this creative methods and mindsetto brand all aspects of integrated marketing, the unified integrated marketing communicationstrategy to become the main theoretical basis supporting this article. And use it as a startingpoint to study the impact and role of integrated marketing communication theory in recentyears in the process of brand building and dissemination.The isomorphic pattern is two or more graphics combined together to constitute a newgraphics. This new combination is not simply superimposed, but a breakthrough andvariability, which makes the new graphics more visual impact. When this approachisomorphic jump out of the constraints of the two-dimensional three-dimensional space, withpeople thinking brain system—the fourth dimension combination, thereby guiding people’sbehavior given instruction that the formation of this article called "isomorphic thinking". Atthis point, it is not just a concrete manifestation of a form of expression, but an innovativemindset abstract condensation. It includes two levels: the first level is the structural similaritybetween two or more things. It can be understood as a common structural features ortendencies between two things, which can be called " apokoinou construction". The secondlevel is a thing in a two-part (or part) shared with a connection, we can also see them ashaving each part of the relationship,"you have me, I have you ", namely " constitute "(onething).As a famous marketing theory in marketing—the integrated marketing communicationtheory is proposed in the mid-1980s by Don Schultz Professor who is from NorthwesternUniversity. From the time of birth of the theory of integrated marketing communication, itinstigated the development of the global economy, creating numerous sales miracle. Undercurrent market economic system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinesecorporate branding road needs the guidance of the theory of integrated marketingcommunications. But integrated marketing communication theory is a concept with the development ofmarketing practice, its meaning also needs constantly enriching and improving with thedevelopment of the practice. In the past ten years, with the continuous progress of theprocess of economic globalization, information technology, media platforms evolving,integrated marketing communication is a new era to continue to broaden and extend, and wasgiven new content. So it is particularly meaningful to observe the impact and role of brandbuilding and the development of the integrated marketing theory in the new mediaenvironment.The thesis will make "consistency" and " itegration" which is common to "consistency"and " convergence " as the breakthrough point, analyzes the effect of the isomorphism anddissemination efforts isomorphic thought caused by integrated marketing communicationprocess, which highlights the isomorphic thinking in brand integration and diversity of valuepropagation.

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