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Context of Inflation Hebei SME Financing Problem

Author ZhangShuQiang
Tutor ZhangZengChen
School Hebei Normal
Course World economy
Keywords hebei inflation SMEs financing
CLC F275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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As an important part of the market economy, small and medium enterprises in themarket economy a great impact. Therefore, SMEs in the economic development ofHebei Province, plays an important role, playing an irreplaceable role. However, dueto the development of SMEs themselves inadequate experience and sophisticatedcapital markets and credit, the loan system that determines the issue has beenseriously troubled corporate finance and constrain the development of SMEs in HebeiProvince. As we all know, since2010, by the U.S. financial crisis caused by the globalinflation to SME financing has brought new pressures. In China, the government tocurb prices continued to rise in response to tightening monetary policy directly limitthe financing of SMEs. Hebei SMEs in RMB appreciation, rising prices and the creditcrunch caused by the decline in exports, costs, funding constraints and a series of hardblows, the next business experienced unprecedented pressures and challenges.In this context, this article on the impact of inflation on SME financing level andinflation backdrop Hebei SME financing conditions and problems for analysis. Themore prominent is the inflation pressure, Hebei Province to support the developmentof SMEs in national policy encouraged to take various measures to deal with theproblem of financing, but did not achieve the expected results; banks tighteningmonetary policy at the national impact under more reluctant to lend to SMEs, SMEfinancing indirectly resulting disruption; while already mature enough healthy capitalmarket, inflationary pressures even more difficult; in exports, shrinking marketconstraints, more liquidity for SMEs difficulties should not have high credit rating fellbelow standard at this time it is. Thus, the financing problems of SMEs in the contextof inflation becomes more severe, the article proposed solutions to this problemcountermeasures and suggestions to SMEs in Hebei Province in benign operations toachieve higher efficiency. The government has increased policy support and creditsupport, improve the capital market system and the credit guarantee system, etc. caneffectively alleviate the SMEs in the context of inflation financing difficulties.

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