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Research on Internal Control of ZDB Company

Author ChenHui
Tutor SuiJianLi
School Jilin University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Internal control system design re-guarantee
CLC F275
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In this paper, ZDB company as the research object, In2008, the ministry offinance jointly with the securities and futures commission, The national audit office,the China banking regulatory commission, Issued by circ to establish the enterpriseinternal control basic norms "(hereinafter referred to as the" internal controlspecification ") and in2010the ministry of finance issued by five ministries andcommissions such as the form a complete set of enterprise internal control guidelines"(hereinafter referred to as" the form a complete set of guidelines ") as the standard.Inabsorbing the latest theoretical research on internal control at home and abroad forreference, on the basis of this,Combined with the actual situation of ZDB company,Analysis of the problems, To study and put forward the internal control systemdesign.recent years, various types of financial fraud scandals one after another inworldwide。Analysis the common reason behind these events, the most importantaspect is internal control missing or invalid. Internal control is an extremely importantpart of good corporate governance with growing concern and attention. With thevigorous development of China’s economy,guarantees, re-guarantee institutions hasplayed an increasingly important role in alleviating SMEs financing difficulties,SMEs development and local economic development, has become an important partof China’s financial system and achieved good social benefits and influence. How toeffectively deal with various risks, improve market competitiveness and achievesustainable and healthy development, better perform their functions, is everyguarantee and re-guarantee institutions important issue faced, one of the very criticalaspect is to establish a scientific and rational internal control system to place andensure accurate implementation.This paper first expounds the research background of this paper, the research significance, research methods and contents. Later, this paper introduces the presentsituation of ZDB company internal control. Through organizational structure,responsibilities distribution, development strategy and human resources policy,introduces the current internal environment by incompatible duties separation control,budget control, this paper introduces the current control activities, Through the roleand situation of the board of supervisors, audit committee set up, internal audit roleplay to the internal supervision is introduced the status quo, Through riskidentification, analysis, and to introduce the situation of risk assessment, through theinternal and external information collection, processing, the company from top tobottom, inside and outside communication situation this paper introduces the presentsituation of information and communication. On the basis of the present situation isintroduced, item by item analysis of the problems existing in the internal control ofZDB company and analyzes the reasons. Mainly includes the imperfect corporategovernance structure, unreasonable distribution of power and responsibility, lack ofdevelopment strategy, human resource policy is not scientific, incompatible dutiesseparation control does not reach the designated position, Budget is not enoughscientific and enforcement, the internal supervision mechanism is not sound, the riskassessment system is not sound, imperfect information and communication, etc.Finally for the ZDB company internal control system design. On the basis of relevanttheories, set the ZDB company internal control system design target and principle. Inview of the existing problems, and puts forward the countermeasures of optimizingthe internal control of construction. This to promote the company to better understandand avoid the risks, and better meet the compliance requirements, to enhance thecompetitiveness of the company, implement the development strategy of the company,has important practical significance. At the same time, also will certainly to guaranteeto this emerging industry other institutions to establish and implement internal controlto provide a reference.

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