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The Research on Tourism Programming of Angtufang Town,Pingquan County in Chengde City

Author ZhangXiao
Tutor ChouYaoHui
School Hebei Normal
Course Human geography
Keywords development model tour programming development stagey payoff model
CLC F592.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the improvement of the people’ income, having a tour has become a very ordinarylife style. Country tour is attracting more and more potential tourists and realistic tourists byspecial natural landscape, folk culture and people’s custom. At present, our country tour hasdeveloped into the very important part and its degree is1/10of the whole country’s degree.Hebei province convened “leisure agriculture and country tour working conference”OnMay23rd,2011which discussed the creative development road of Hebei country tour by tourbureau and agriculture together. Leisure and Country tour has a good tendency but it is a thebeginning period and there are biggish difference with Beijing Sichuan and the otheradvanced area. There are so many problems such as the small scope, the single program, thelow comprehensive benefit. Meanwhile, there are product homogeneity tendency and the unfitdevelopment compared with Beijing, which makes the competition furious.Chengde government takes country tour as the important part of the city tourismdevelopment and progressive measure. It issued some relative documents such as “the adviceto improve country tour” which are the policy support and direction guide. At present, thereare25country tour spots including14scenic spots,4folk spots,8leisure spots. The tourismincome increased130,000,000.This thesis studies the present programming by literature research, walking and talkingand SWOT analysis many ways is to protect and develop the tour resource and to create goodcondition by many forms for example: statue mold, produce developing and project design. Itfinds the disadvantages and shows relevant project to expect to guide Wangtufang tourdevelopment job; meanwhile I hope the theory and practice about the research can be themodel for the other country tour development project.The creative part is to survey the international mode and combine the newdevelopment and summarize the experience and analyze the problems about country tour.Then it is to get the development model of Wangtufang by its own situation and problems.The model is combining “depending city” with “depending area scenic”; combining“government impulse” with “market drive”. At last, it is to adjust original plan for itsdeveloping by recognizing the resource, location and market of Wangtuxiang.

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