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Esearch on the Enhancement of the Core Attraction in Luoyang Ancient City Tourism Area and Renewal Design

Author ZhangBo
Tutor SunYanHong
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Tourism Management
Keywords Luoyang Ancient City Renewal design core tourismattraction Ancient capital culture
CLC F592.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Luoyang is China’s eight capitals across the longest in history, founded theearliest time, left one of the most ancient capital city culture, luoyang development ofthe old is backward, in the whole city developing not found a position, luoyang shouldbe old and luoyang and even HeLuo cultural standards the deepest place, in the old andnew urban renewal process not only did not reflect the unique regional culturecharacteristics, became instead of the urban district hospital behind. Planning locationfunction not obvious, the tourism development position is not clear, the protectionlaws, and led to the whole city of luoyang coordinated development. The history of thecity culture, traces, cultural relic, and even the human geography is a sharp is lost,tourism core appeal gradually reduced.After the1980s, the course of urbanization, the scale of the urban construction tothe old city culture landscape and left over from history has had a great impact. In theearly stages of the urban renewal, because of the lack of practice and theory of limit,the thought of demolishing old buildings in the city in the renewal of reflected, manycultural legacy, of historical context, the humanities landscape in this wave ofdestruction and even disappear completely. At present the construction of ancient city,slam the door big demolishing old buildings, excessive copied development thought,with the development of society, of the old city’s renewal and the rebuilding is not onlyas tourist sites, more is the "update" type method.This article, on the ancient city of luoyang special culture research and urbanrenewal process of luoyang city tourism attraction of effective analysis. Points out thatin the process of luoyang city update unique regional culture expression and improvethe core of the ancient city of tourism attraction importance and urgency. The luoyangrenewal design old as the main research object and the old luoyang core tourismattraction ascension specific method is discussed. Ancient city to update the design athome and abroad are summarized and discussed mode, combined with luoyang regional culture characteristics of the old city itself, and luoyang present situation andproblems of the old face paper expounds in luoyang city in the process of upgradingthe importance of the preservation of tourism attraction and enhance core urgency.Through the luoyang characteristic of the formation of the old regional influence factoranalysis: the natural climate, historical culture, folk folk, related policy analysis offactors, summed up in the ancient city of luoyang city planning design should reflectthe unique ancient features and improve ancient city tourism attraction of the specificmethod.Luoyang old updates to luoyang overall image and ancient capital tourism has animportant effect of the commercial street protection and renewal transformation realityfacing many difficulties and contradictions conflict. This article puts forward the oldurban renewal in luoyang, shall take "organic" update "context" and pay attention tothe protection of the basic framework, must pay attention to the expression of theregional culture of ancient capital, in urban renewal in the process of the concrete, theadhering to the history, the modern function design concept, in the old city functionupdate at the same time, take "the ancient buildings, modern functions, color ancientexperience" scientific design, for the downfall of tourism is old inject new vitality,enhance the core tourism attraction, so as to adapt to the new city developmentdemand. Based on the street in luoyang old shang, NaGuan street, the northwest cornerof the street, the northeastern corner of the street, southwest corner of streets, eaststreet no.107as a typical case of the urban renewal in the experience and lesson wassummarized, and based on this, puts forward the old traditional commercial streetluoyang renewal design effective way; Through the process of the old city of luoyangupdate protection analysis of luoyang city tourism activation ascension, urbanconstruction planning development of the systematic series; Through the old city ofluoyang update old tourist attraction of evaluation and analysis for location in the cityof luoyang distribution and the old tourism activation provide a convenient theoryreference. This paper summarizes the method, analysis and comparison researchrelated topics, use of advanced professional theory and rigorous design method, inorder to put forward, analysis and problem-solving attitudes, the old city of luoyangupdate old design and core tourism attraction promote design method, designprinciples and specific pattern exploration and research.

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