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The Study on Space-time Distribution Laws of Urban Economic Hotel

Author YanNa
Tutor YuJinGuo
School Liaoning Normal University
Course Human geography
Keywords Economic hotel Space-time distribution laws Shenyang
CLC F719
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Lodging is one of the three tourism elements, is an important part of the tourism industry.In recent years, with the rapid development of tourism, the diversification of means of tourism,tourists have new requirements for lodging facilities. Star hotel is no longer dominant intourist lodging facilities, economic hotel came into being in the environment of the marketdemand. In1996, China’s first chain economic hotel-the Leyuan store of Jinjing inn openedin Shanghai. Next several years, the economic hotel has undergone initial exploration stage ofdevelopment and high-speed development stage, from initial layout in Beijing, Shanghai andGuangzhou and other political, economic core of the city to expand the regional central city.2004is the first year of the economic hotels, ibis, Super8and other foreign well-knownfranchise brands across the board to enter China’s market, economic hotel layout to thesecond-tier cities. The high-speed development momentum and irrational store expansion isnot only affect the sustainable development of the hotel industry, but also affect the rationalityof the urban space planning. The study on the laws of space-time distribution of the urbaneconomic hotel, the rational distribution of urban tourism service facilities and the sustainabledevelopment of economic hotels will generate a positive reference.This paper based on the case of Shenyang, a significant town in the northeastern ofChina with the capital of Liaoning province, is divided into six parts delves into thespace-time distribution laws of the urban economic hotel.Chapter1: Introduction. This chapter describes the background and the significance ofthe topic. And it gives a general summary of the methods and the main content.Chapter2: Literature review and theoretical basis. By discussing the study achievementof economic hotel at home and abroad, the authors analyze the foundations, key areas andshortcomings in the research of economic hotel. And it gives the definition of related conceptsand exposition of the theoretical basis.Chapter3: The analysis on the development of the urban economic hotel and spacedistribution laws. According to the data, it elaborates the development of the hotel industryand the economic hotels and economic hotels space distribution laws, in order to illustrate thespace-time distribution laws of the economic hotels in the macroscopic scale.Chapter4: The analysis on the development conditions of economic hotels in Shenyang.It elaborates the geographical advantages, the social condition and tourism development ofShenyang.Chapter5: The analysis on the development of economic hotel in Shenyang. The development course of economic hotels in Shenyang is divided into three stages: the initialstage, the slowly development stage and the high-speed development stage. It uses ofcorrelation analysis and multiple regression analysis, forecast and dynamic analysis on theeconomic hotels in Shenyang.Chapter6: The systemic analysis of economic hotel distribution in Shenyang. This partsays about the pattern of the spatial distribution of the economic hotels in Shenyang, and itsums up the existing problems and offers the reasonable suggestions to optimize thedistribution of economic hotel in Shenyang.

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