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Research on Marketization of the Green Consumption of Graveclothes

Author LiuZhiHong
Tutor PanLi
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords graveclothes green consumption the departed scientific conceptof development folk-custom green environmental protection marketization
CLC F723
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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The trade of funeral and interment has sudden huge profits proved by the market research.The price of graveclothes exhibits even more severe windfall profits. From several hundredsto ten thousands yuan in the market, the gravechlothes have very disordered prices whichoften reach abnormally high level. At present, the popular “catching up with the Joneses” infuneral and interment is also one of the important reasons for the high price.Most of the gravecothes are made of chemical fiber and many consumers select thembecause of the low price. But, the chemical fiber has a severe shortcoming: it pollutes theenvironment after being burned, which has significant influence on global warming.With continuous improvement on the standard of living, more and more customers arepursuing difference and chasing individuality. While, the designs of graveclothes are alwaysthe same and they often have similar machine-made characters. This situation is caused by thelong-term monopolization and obturation of funeral and interment by the civil administrationdepartment. The monotone style of graveclothes already could not satisfy the needs ofdifferent people on spirit consumption and culture consumption. Therefore, the marketizationof graveclothes is imperative under the situation.The Green Consumption of Graveclothes includes four aspects: First, selection ofgraveclothes with low price and good quality, consumption in reason; Second, Contribution toenvironmental protection by selection of graveclothes made of green environmental protectionfiber; Third, saving resources by wearing favorite clothes in daily life as graveclothes; Fourth,consumption of graveclothes should be based on the departed, and should show respect tothem.Human is social and cultural. The society respects each person’s individuality and righton development, and regards the graveclothes of the departed as a culture resource. We shouldinvestigate and sparkplug the individualization development of graveclothes. Theindividualization of graveclothes not only shows respect to the life of the departed, but alsobrings warm and comfort to the living.By illustrating the definition of Green Consumption of Graveclothes, the author first claims that Green Consumption of Graveclothes is the innovation of theory and practice underthe climate of “Implementing the Scientific Concept of Development, ConstructingHarmonious Society” and “building the resource-saving society with friendly relationshipbetween human and environment”, then expatiates the important significance of the overallsituation and direction of graveclothes reformation during the construction of HarmoniousSociety led by the Scientific Concept of Development. The main function of GreenConsumption of Graveclothes all through the funeral is clearly figured out.The important significance of graveclothes culture innovation is to dissolve the conflictbetween funeral and living environment of human from the ideology level, which isemphasized remarkably in this thesis. With the future expectation of Green Consumption ofGraveclothes, the author evidently demonstrates that Green Consumption of Graveclothes isadvanced funeral ideology and behavior that will lead the Chinese funeral affair to a healthydevelopment pathway and will help us to realize the harmonious coexist between human andthe nature ultimately.

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