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Advertising Analysis and Research Experience

Author LiZuo
Tutor SunQing
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords experience Crossover experience Crossover design
CLC F713.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This paper tells the development of experiential advertising in contemporary in detail.The experience, as a way of showing advertising, bringing benefits to people’s lives, wasillustrated in this paper and the unique experiential advertising was explained in many ways,like experience of the generation, development, classification, characteristics and newexperience. This paper focuses on the experiential advertising mainly. The experience makesmore people come into contact with fresh things. In today’s society, traditional advertising hasbecome simple and meaningless with continuous improvement of people’s lives andconsciousness. In this environment, the experiential advertising appeared and it makes morepeople have a close contact with the product when they observed product, so that the distancebetween products and consumers are getting shorter, there is more interactive relationshipbetween the consumer and the product, making consumers of all ages experience the uniquefeeling of themselves.Experience advertising makes advertisement become visible, captivated, tangible and felt,which is more real than the traditional advertisement, and more acceptable for consumers. Theexperience has deepened consumers’ memory, got more value and created the experience ofperception. Experience makes the advertisement become more mysterious and attractive,makes the advertisement which was boring becomes vivid and attractive.Advertising makes consumers become more willing to get close to the experience, and itbecomes much easier for consumers to accept the experience, this kind of change, makespeople who do not like the ads have a new understanding and views. Experiential advertisingled the development of advertising, which is a new milestone of advertising.Different manners of experience are showed in front of people by innovative, creativeexperience, professional experience and the cross-border experience with the same goal,providing consumers with a unique experience of feelings so that they can become morewilling to close to the product, understanding the product, having a like for products andbuying the product finally. Experiential advertising advertise products and serve the people at the same time, let people have more feelings, which touches people’s emotional heartstrings.With the change of social needs, improvement of living conditions, the experientialadvertising will be welcomed increasinglyExperiential advertising let more people to pay attention to new areas try new things toexperience in the form and feel more fun. The development of experience and growth isgenerated on this background.It will innovate, improve and develop constantly with the development of the times.Experience will develop with the development of times closely. Good experience willbring the audience invincible momentum. Under the impact of the experience, there will bemore new experiences for consumers.

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