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Network Advetrising Trends in Web2.0Era

Author ZhengLin
Tutor SunQing
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords Web2.0network advertisement Sina micro-blog new media the newsituation
CLC F713.8
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The development of the Internet very rapidly and diversity, technology is also inconstant change rapidly, network occupy a strong position in our daily life, also imperceptiblychanging our way of life and values. At present the mainstream media to the network media,super its interaction provides superior environment for many corporate advertisers marketingcommunication activity, also makes the advertisers marketing and advertising is moreeconomical, effective. Along with the continuous development, the improvement of Web2.0technology, makes the new blog, website, community forums, with help of higher technology.The network media from the original portal website one-way release information model into apersonal media mode, more and more people become network theme, will also be one-waydissemination of information into a two-way interactive communication, completely changedthe traditional media information imbalance deadlock. Web2.0network marketing model andopens up a new way for the marketing of the network, not only new forms created in its newtechnology, more important is it brings us a more interactive, more precise mode oftransmission: word-of-mouth advertising marketing. The core communication features and thevalue of Web2.0era is the essential difference between interactive, this is it and the era of theWeb1.0, it subverts the people the traditional way of communication. Word-of-mouth traditionis usually " I hear you say " type of point to point, form a single passive. Internetword-of-mouth communication is rooted in the word of mouth, but Web2.0gives it theinteraction is the core of the vitality of online word-of-mouth. Interpersonal communication isa most basic and most important is to express and share, while Web2.0times to this sharingthrough the Internet platform to fission explosion. As a research on social media and networkcommunication, in order to thoroughly understand the era of the Web2.0ad network, the basictheory of domestic and international relevant reviews, in-depth study of Web2.0in thenetwork and social software, the relationship between the causes, the internal rule and theWeb2.0of human communication and social culture significance foundation Study on theWeb2.0era is a new form of network advertisement and its development status andcharacteristics are introduced in this paper. At the same time selects the outstanding enterpriseSina micro-blog interactive network of the Chinese industry, combined with its network advertising forms in the new form of Internet advertising is a very detailed analysis. Throughthe examples can better embody the Sina micro-blog to cater to the new model of Web2.0network marketing " word-of-mouth marketing ". Based on analysis of the present situation ofthe development of Chinese meticulous focus focus of new media, the mainstream trend ofdifferentiation trend analysis of media and new media, and the development trend of networkadvertisement in China are summarized in the paper.

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