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F2b2C Model Studies and Applications in the Appliance Industry

Author PanRenJie
Tutor WangJian
School Ocean University of China
Course Business Administration
Keywords F2b2C home appliance industry electronic commerce mode
CLC F724.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This article mainly has conducted the research to the manufacturers and users underthe F2b2C model, combined with the specific circumstances of the household electricalappliance industry, application of H ’s F2b2C model are explored.Study of the F2b2C mode, first has carried on the analysis to the existing B2B, B2C,C2C mode, and the typical case of them. Study of the case, mainly is the use of the Internetfor data collection and literature review. Through the analysis of case, pointed out theexisting advantages and defects.For the F2b2C mode, the first is the definition on the concept, and analyze thebackground. Secondly, discusses key components of F2b2C model. For manufacturers, toprovide full support from the four aspects of product, price, marketing, channels,manufacturers can also through the integration of the traditional channel resources, makefull use of the electronic commerce and the enterprise interior resources, high efficiency; forthe third party platform, is to ensure that important attraction and value of this model fromtechnology, flow quantity, brand. Compared with B2B, B2C, C2C platform, the deal andafter sale service role in weakening, but its effect on the collection of information resources,search, integration in the enhancement; for the user, to guide its gradually accustomed to themode of the shopping process, and improve the user ’s shopping experience. Research onF2b2C model of key factors, is the basis of correct implementation and promote the modeof development.Through the research of F2b2C model on the household appliances industry, canprovide an important reference to the electronic commerce of China’s manufacturingindustry. This article in view of the present household electrical appliance industry since theplatform and are distributed through B2B and B2C platform, three types of e-commerce areanalyzed. At the same time, compared with more than three modes, the comparativeadvantage of F2b2C are explained.Research on the mode of electronic commerce H has guiding significance for the entirehousehold electrical appliance industry. In this paper, combining with the practice of Hcompany, based on the specific implementation of F2b2C model, put forward to theconcrete proposal.According to the key F2b2C factors, combining with the practice of H company, hasbeen with the initial conditions for the implementation of F2b2C. Through switch open platform, F2b2C platform can be initial built. The implementation of F2b2C mode, will behelpful for the home appliance industry and the manufacturing industry.

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