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The Research of the E-commerce Modes of Agricultural Products of Hubei Province

Author ZuoHongMei
Tutor ZhongXiWei
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Keywords Agricultural products E-commerce Modes
CLC F323
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the time goes on, the world economy has already entered the eras of cyber-economy. The great role of the network has caused the in-depth study on network platformduring the development of the current world. E-commerce, originated in the1970s, is aelectronic commerce activity which based on network platform. In recent years, due to thepopularization of the internet and the support of the technology, e-commerce has developedrapidly.The online dealing values via internet have increased year after year. E-commercehas many advantages, such as decreasing transaction cost、reducing the informationasymmetry and the trade constraints of time and space. It also improved the convenience ofthe transaction and realized the high efficiency of transaction. E-commerce has greatpotential for applications in various fields. In recent years, the applications of thee-commerce in the agricultural products trade have just started and were not mature, but itsprospects of development in the future are predictable. Agricultural products e-commercecan fully take the advantages of the network and overcome the drawbacks of the tradeprocess of agricultural products. The current e-commerce modes, such as B-to-B mode andB-to-C mode, can be flexibly applied to e-commerce of agricultural products. At the sametime, e-commerce of agricultural products can be developed better and better.This paper focuses on the developments and the applications of the agriculturalproducts e-commerce are as the following sections.First, the paper has studied the current status of agricultural products trade of Hubeiprovince. According to the actual situations of Hubei province, this paper analyzed thenecessity and feasibility of developing e-commerce modes of agricultural products.Second, I have consulted a large number of literatures, summarizing the electronicmodes of current agricultural products as well as the current developing status of theelectronic modes of agricultural products in Hubei province. This paper discussed theconnotations of e-commerce and e-commerce modes of agricultural products in detail. Thepaper summarized the existing electronic commerce modes and electronic commercemodes of agricultural products. The paper also visualized several electronic commercemodes that can adapt to the actual situations of Hubei province. At the same time,proposing several possible e-commerce modes of agricultural products that can be carried out.Third, comparing and analying a variety of e-commerce business model cases andstudying the characteristics of the current e-commerce business models. On this base, thispaper has put forward some models which are suitable for Hubei province.Fourth, the research of agricultural products e-commerce has just started. So, there aremany problems during the development of agricultural products e-commerce. In this paper,the author has brought out practical solutions and methods about the problems whichencountered in the development of agricultural products e-commerce in Hubei province.The innovations of this paper are as the following aspects.First, this paper is the first time to study e-commerce models of agricultural productsof Hubei Provence in detail, and has proposed the development modes of agriculturalproducts e-commerce which is suitable for Hubei province. Second, this paper has broughtout some practical solutions which is targeted and operability, and it has some referencevalue for the future development and implementation of e-commerce modes of agriculturalproducts in Hubei Province.

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