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The Study on the Soybean Import Security of China Based on the Import Growth

Author LiYang
Tutor YangLianNa
School Anhui University of Finance
Course International Trade
Keywords China soybean import growth evaluation of import security
CLC F752.61
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Soybean is a kind of leguminous plant, which contains the attribute of both food crop and economic crop, its industrial chain is very long, involving numerous aspects of national life. Recent years, with the accelerating pace of economic globalization, worldwide soybean trade is also gradually booming. Because of its wide use value and importance, soybean is deemed as strategic material in many countries. According to statistics, the proportion of global soybean trade accounts for30percent.China is the place of origin of soybean, which has a long history of cultivation of it. As the largest country of soybean in the past, China has been a net export country until1996. However, the improvement of living standards makes change of dietary structure of residents, which brings the rapid increase in demand of soybean oil and soybean pulp. However, the production of soybean in China fails to meet this high growth. Under the attack of cheap soybean of multi-national corporations, China is being subjected to severe soybean crisis, and this predicament will continue in the foreseeable future.In order to effectively restrain this condition, China has taken various measures, but the effect is not significant, the growth of quantity of importing soybean is still not controllable. In2011and2012, the quantity of soybean import increased to more than59million ton for two consecutive years, and compared with the previous year, maintaining a growth of11.6%.The number of soybean imports rising is resulting from various factors. On the one hand, the domestic factors, such as the strong demand of soybean, the lack of government support and the scarcity of arable land. On the other hand, the supply of soybean is under the control of multinational food businesses, they occupy the Chinese market by dumping with lowered price. These factors finally lead to the current situation, which relying heavily on imports. The study of this thesis is based on the perspective of import growth, analyzes China’s soybean import security. Through analysis of relevant data, establishing an evaluation system covers import quantity security, security of soybean market, and the dependence of import. Finally, put forward the countermeasures protecting the import security of soybean and enhancing competitiveness of soybean industry of China.

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