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Research on Economic and Trade Cooperation between Xinjiang of China and Tajikistan

Author WangHaiJun
Tutor HuHongPing
School Xinjiang Normal University
Course World History
Keywords Xinjiang Tajikistan the cooperation of economy and trade
CLC F752.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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There are500kilometers common boundary between Xinjiang and Tajikistan. The cooperation of economy and trade has a unique advantage which carried out between Xinjiang and Tajikistan, and occupies an important position. About80%the cooperation of economy and trade is hosted by Xinjiang. Particularly, Open Karasu Le port, the economy and trade between both sides exchanges more frequently. Especially in recent years, The cooperation of economy and trade continue to increase, both import and export trade volume has been increasing year after year. Economic and technical cooperation projects continue to expand, the cooperation of areas and mode has become more diversified. Xinjiang local company has great confidence in developing the national market of Tajikistan. There are many local strong enterprises are actively developing the market, of Tajikistan, such as Xinjiang Tacheng International Resources Limited, Xinjiang TBEA, Zijin company in Xinjiang, and achieved gratifying results, The cooperation between Xinjiang and Tajikistan is very wide, such as the exploration and development of mineral resources, the steel-making iron, agricultural cooperation and other cooperation. In addition, in building materials, food processing, light industry and other fields of cooperation is still in progress. After the opening of Tajikistan port, the government and the enterprises have great cooperative desire for Xinjiang tower. Rahmon, the President of Tajikistan visit Xinjiang many times, the two sides also signed a number of cooperation agreements, Xinjiang-the Tajikistan board of trade was founded in2009, to create a good development platform for Tajikistan and Xinjiang to carry out economic and trade cooperation, established solid foundation of cooperation. Tajikistan also actively participate Asia-Europe Expo, Xinjiang Kashi, South Asia and Central Asia Commodities Fair organized by Xinjiang, to expand its influence through various channels.Economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and Tajikistan has a tendency of be on the upgrade, but the trade between the two sides is still small, the amount of foreign trade of Xinjiang in2011and the tower was just$170million, is the only1/7trade between Xinjiang and Kazakhstan,and is only half of the trade between Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan. In addition, the economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and Tajikistan just stay in the agricultural and mineral products, electromechanical facilities such as the original product or primary manufactured goods, high-tech, high value-added, deep processing products, almost no enterprise, economic and trade cooperation between the two sides is still in the initial stage, the low level of economic and trade cooperation, narrow scope, form, must ultimately to reverse this unfavorable situation. in order to promote Xinjiang’s economic and trade cooperation with Tajikistan more robust, orderly, lasting, on both sides to achieve a win-win. At present, the economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and Tajikistan, also presents problems, has seriously restricted the economic and trade cooperation between the Xinjiang and Tajikistan. only the influencing factors between two sides have been solved, the economic and trade cooperation between Xinjiang and Tajikistan will get further improvement. but also more conducive to China and Tajikistan established diplomatic relations of equality and friendship of good rich neighbor, good-neighborly and mutually beneficial, consolidating the northwest frontier, to create a good environment to create a peaceful, stable, prosperous Xinjiang, realize the great-leap-forward development of Xinjiang.

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