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Research on Low-carbon Investment Mechanism of China Local Government Based on "Hypothesis of Achievements Man"

Author LiHuLin
Tutor ZhangWei
School Jinan University
Course National Economics
Keywords Hypothesis of Achievements Man China Local Government Low-carbonInvestment Mechanism
CLC F812.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Under the background of the deteriorating global environment, solving environmentalproblem, changing economic development mode and developing low-carbon economy havebecome the development tendency of all countries in the world. The development oflow-carbon economy requires not only the participation of enterprises, but also need theparticipation of government departments. Chinese government, especially local governmentattaches great importance to the development of low-carbon economy. Superior governmentrequires the relevant responsible person energy saving targets within a certain period by theform of signing letters of objective responsibility for the goal with local government. Andsuperior government will examine energy conservation of local government throughmonitoring of energy statistics and energy-saving assessment.Because of the strong externalities of environmental goods, environmental goods produceseries problems easily such as the free-rider, the tragedy of the commons and exclusive costproblems. It will lead to market failure and cannot realize the efficient allocation of resourcesif just self-regulating the supply of environmental goods by market. Therefore we needgovernment to actively intervene in environmental public goods market and solve the marketfailure of environmental goods supply. China’s local government is the central policy ofspecific actors. It is also the subject of low-carbon investment and plays an important role onthe development of low carbon economy. So this paper studies the local government as themain subject and analysis the necessity, theoretical basis, problems, and put forward a numberof policy recommendations for the local government in China to establish a low-carboninvestment mechanism.Based on "Hypothesis of Economic man” theory, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theoryand the actual questionnaire, this paper puts forward the concept of "Hypothesis ofAchievements Man” and gives a brief overview of the connotation of "Hypothesis ofAchievements Man”. Achievement man can be divided into scientific achievements andachievements paranoid person. And then reviews the research status of low carbon economy,government investment and environmental finance domestic and overseas. The theoreticalfoundation for Chinese local governments to establish a low-carbon investment mechanism includes the theory of externalities, public goods theory, theory of government intervention,and ecological and sustainable development theory. Chinese local governments establish alow-carbon investment mechanism can help to avoid environmental goods supply marketfailure, is conducive to enhancing the green competitiveness of the cities, help solve airpollution and energy shortages, is conducive to scientific development concept and building abeautiful China. Then analyzes the practices of United States, Britain, Germany, Japan andother developed countries in the establishment of mechanisms for low-carbon, and accordingto China’s actual situation, puts forward the countermeasures of Chinese local governments toestablish a low-carbon investment mechanism leading by scientific model "achievementsman". We should guide the local government attaches great importance to a low-carboneconomy, found special funds of low-carbon budget, and establish a low-carbon financialsupport mechanisms by central government to underdeveloped regions, guide localgovernments to develop low-carbon economy into long-term planning, establish a guidance of"energy saving" government investment mechanism, establish a low-carbon projects tosupport a variety of government public investment mechanism, establish a government fundedresearch and development of low-carbon technology investment mechanism.

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