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Niche theory of market segmentation and evaluation based on financial products yuan

Author ChuJuan
Tutor YaoHuiLi
School Jiangsu University of Science and Technology
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Niche RMB financial products EPC K-means clustering Niche measurement
CLC F832.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Fully opened with China’s financial market and rapid increase of wealth, people’sfinancial awareness and demand grow fast, esEPCially RMB financial products beingpopular by all ages of people. This paper puts RMB financial products in regional financialecological system as individual life and explores the RMB financial products marketsegmentation problem on the base of the demand from the consumer, products features,state of the bank for the use of existing resources to find out unused or less resource, andprovide direction for bank RMB financial products for target market selection.At first, this paper combines the ecological niche theory and market segmentation. Theecosystem of RMB financial products is analyzed based on the RMB financial product nichefactors affecting RMB financial products. With the improvement of the Wind subdivisionmodel building EPC (enterprise-products–customer) segmentation model, the paper findsthe RMB financial product market segmentation and builds the RMB financial productevaluation index system. Secondly, K-means clustering algorithm is chosen as RMBfinancial product market segmentation method, Levins formula is chosen as niche widthmeasurement and asymmetric formula is chosen as the measurement formula of nicheoverlap degrees for analysis after clustering segmentation market. All this is to findcustomer’s demand features, characteristic of RMB financial products different from otherinvestment products and resources conditions of the bank. Thirdly, Taking RMB financialproducts COB bank in Zhenjiang branch as an example, based on K-means clusteringalgorithm, realize RMB financial products customer segmentation through the sixcharacteristic of population factors on the tested samples. Based on niche measure, segmentcustomer group characteristics are studied from the dimension of customer needs andcharacteristics of RMB financial products of COB bank in Zhenjiang branch; Usingecological niche measure theory to study the characteristic of RMB financial products,through the RMB financial products with other products compared to the utilization ofexisting resources of RMB financial products; analyzing the existing resources and overlapby using the theory of niche measure of COB bank with other bank. And then COB bank inZhenjiang resources condition is obtained. Finally, according to the features of subdivision,RMB financial product features and the resource situation of COB bank in Zhenjiang itself,giving RMB financial products’ target market selection strategy, trying to solve the existingproblems of RMB financial products.

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