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Research Interest Rate Market Profitability of Commercial Banks

Author FanYanWei
Tutor LiSuoYun
School Shanxi University of Finance
Course Finance
Keywords Interest rate market Commercial bank Risk Management BusinessInnovation
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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nterest rate marketization has recently become a hot topic, but in the interest ratemarketization, was introduced in the early1970s and the market economy countrieshave high inflation and the rapid development of financial markets, interest rate controlsthe drawbacks of the increasingly prominent, the emergence of the new interest ratemechanism is imminent, Europe and the United States developed countries successivelycompleted the market-based reform of interest rates in the1980s. Development ofmarketization of interest rate in China can be traced back to the beginning of reform andopening up, probably after two periods: the first time since reform and opening up to1995, the government tried various kinds of interest rate liberalization measures,accumulate valuable test and lessons. During the second for since1996, the governmentby using the experience of other countries, summarizes the lessons before one period,combined with China’s national conditions, carried out in a planned way, step by step,productive, gradual market-oriented interest rate reform.Interest rate marketization to the whole financial industry has brought the profoundinfluence, our country commercial bank has been as the main suppliers of social marginletter, depend on national macro policy and banking regulation policy support, enjoy thefixed interest rate policy dividend, in a monopoly position. The profit of commercialBanks have long relied heavily on assets, especially the expansion of credit asset classeshave, under the condition of marketization of interest rates, Banks will face size slowgrowth or even decline, its sustained profitability is a great test. And interest ratemarketization will profoundly change the macro policy, financial operation mode, socialfinancing level and via, Banks will be a great challenge.This article attempts to from the perspective of interest rate liberalization impact onbank earnings, based on the theory of interpretation, on the basis of combining themethod of empirical analysis and the empirical data of reality, the specific effect ofinterest rate marketization affect bank profits for the objective evaluation and revealedthat the commercial Banks to deal with the influence of interest rate marketization onprofit made policy recommendations.Research results of innovative mainly reflected in three aspects, one is the perspective of innovation, the existing study of interest rate marketization andprofitability using the traditional cost analysis method, this paper commercial bankprofit focus on the asset profitability analysis, chose a relatively narrow point of view,from the perspective of a micro consider the influence of interest rate marketization ofcommercial Banks. Is method innovation, the existing articles on the impact of interestrate marketization of commercial Banks more from qualitative perspective, this articlewill use the panel data regression model to quantitative analysis, the thesis use non-banksocial financing scale is the most one indicator of the role of interest rate marketization,the influence of interest rate marketization of commercial Banks profit quantification,find the main contradiction. Three is the innovative ideas, research on our countrycommercial bank profits under the marketization of interest rate, is one of China’smarket-oriented interest rate reform practice and study and at the same time also is ourcountry commercial bank management theory, has important theoretical and practicalsignificance.

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