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The Analysis of the Income and Development about Self-service Banking of Rural Credit Coopratives

Author NiuYanYing
Tutor HouFengYun
School Shandong University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords county-level rural credit cooperatives self-servicebank the cost income development direction
CLC F832.35
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Launched China’s first ATM since1987, the bank of China,ATM use in China for almost25years have passed, but in practice, our country is given priority to with ATM self-service bank usually difficult to profit, in every bank annual final accounts statements, you can see the bank self-service equipment accounted for a relatively developed countries still on the low side, especially for rural credit cooperatives, self-service equipment direct economic benefits of other lower line, and some of the developed capitalist countries abroad self-help bank income has become an important source of income of the bank.In this paper, the author will combine self-help bank development situation at home and abroad, the self-service bank business development cost and the economic benefits and social benefits for detailed analysis, find out the problems, to explore to find out the future development of rural credit cooperatives self-service bank.The author mainly USES the research method of literature research, cost-benefit analysis,investigation method, observation method and comparison analysis method, etc.; Using the theoretical basis of including the stakeholder theory,externality theory, etc.First use of literature research, in full at home and abroad on the basis of available data and literature research, the self-service bank research at home and abroad were reviewed and classified the comparative analysis, self-service equipment development of developed countries and the development way of domestic Banks and rural credit cooperatives comparative analysis to summarize, sums up the experiences and lessons of development success. Using the method of cost benefit, this paper analyzes the cost and income of self-service bank of rural credit cooperatives, combining the successful experience of developed countries or domestic Banks, using questionnaire and observation method, points out the existing problems in the development of the rural credit cooperatives self-service equipment, under the condition of fully considering the reality of the development of rural credit cooperatives to give the solution to solve the problem. On the analysis of the self-service bank cost income, in this paper, based on stakeholder theory and externality theory, the internal and external factors related to the self-service equipment development has carried on the quantitative analysis.This article obtains from the self-service bank development history, self-help bank development history at home and abroad, to find a foreign self-help bank the cause of the rapid development and has made significant gains over the years, and the cost of domestic self-help bank income situation has carried on the microscopic analysis;Through in-depth analysis of the current problems existing in the rural credit cooperatives in the development of self-service bank, puts forward the countermeasures of development of rural credit cooperatives self-help bank and solution. Through research, this paper get the following conclusion:self-help Banks in rural credit cooperatives in the development of future business has a unique status and role; The current rural credit cooperatives of self-service bank income mainly depends on the self-service bank exchange alternative output produced by business income; The current rural credit cooperatives in the development of self-service bank still exist many short-term difficult to change; In the face of problems, we must seek the solution.Innovation of this article lies in the following points:First, based on previous studies on the basis of literature summary, the use of cost-benefit analysis, discussed the self-service bank development, systematically analyzes the self-service bank abroad and the development of the self-service bank in China.Second, focuses on the rural credit cooperatives has strong policy characteristics bank self-service banking terminal facilities in rural development of cost and benefit, and its social benefits is a degree of quantization process, this research, form the obvious innovation thesis. When discussing Banks built facilities in the literature, often only from the bank’s own economic consideration without taking into account the social benefits, so such a research and thinking Angle, this paper represents both the important characteristics of existence and development of Chinese rural credit cooperatives, also reflected the author for the understanding of the rural credit cooperatives of policy-based financial institutions.The writing of this article, the hope can draw lessons from the domestic and foreign advanced management experience, improve the level of self-service bank management; Strengthen business innovation, foster more business growth and potential users, improve the efficiency of the use of self-service bank equipment, improve rural credit cooperatives self-help bank profits further.

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