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Research on the Business Strategy of Agricultural Development Bank of Jilin Branch

Author WangXueSen
Tutor TianHong
School Jilin University
Course Senior management of Business Administration
Keywords Agricultural development bank Business environment SWOT analysis Businessstrategy Safeguard measures
CLC F832.31
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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"Twelfth five-year" period, is the key period of building a moderately prosperoussociety in an all-round way in our country, is the crucial period of deepening of thepolicy of reform and opening up, accelerating transforming the mode of development.During the period of the fast development of industrialization and urbanization, at thesame time, the government promotes the agricultural modernization, implements thepolicy of strengthening the peasants, benefiting the peasants, and enriching the peasants,accelerates the new socialist countryside construction, provides valuable strategicopportunities for the agricultural development bank of Changchun.At the same time, we also should see, the economical situation is complex, therisks and challenges we face is still severe. The current international economic situationis complex and uncertain, the basis of our country’s economy stability recovery is notsolid, the external environment of the bank business is not loose, the pressure risk ofprevention and control is still large.One is the prominent contradictions that the local government fiscal revenue growthis slowing and rigid spending is increasing, land market is still difficult to master,government debt is coming due collectively. debt service pressure obviously rises, ourlong-term loans have potential risk.The second is overcapacity in the industry of cotton, grain and oil processing,especially the insufficient contradiction between the inside and outside market. dissolvethe excess capacity and structure adjustment is the trend of the current times, theresulting credit risk needs our close attention.Third is the coexistence of the upward trend in food prices and the downward pressure, cotton、 oil and other agricultural products is increasingly affected byinternational market, situation is complicated,our bank is still facing the coexistencewith the certainty of acquisition and the pressure of anti-risk.Fourth, operation of companies is difficult, funding constraints, benefits decline.Some companies get involved in private lending, mutual guarantees, once problemappears during this,it will trigger a chain reaction and amplify risk. Faced with thissituation, the Agricultural Development Bank of Jilin Province Branch Office should beclosely relates the policy of communist party and our country,the practical facts ofAgricultural Development Bank. bases on the current situation, considers the long–term goal, balances the different parts, focuses the important issues, explores thebusiness strategy that fits for Changchun Agricultural Development Bank.This paper is based on the strategic management theory, through analyzing andresearching the present situation of the bank management, using literature analysismethod, practice method, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, on the basis of the analysis ofthe macro environment and the enterprise ability of the agricultural development bank ofChangchun area,summarizing opportunities, threats, advantages and disadvantages itfaces in the process of development.Try to solve the following problems: one is through the comparison with othercommercial banks, confirm the strategic target of agricultural development bank inChangchun area; Second, it is to develop business strategy of the agriculturaldevelopment bank in Changchun region; Third, formulate business strategyimplementation safeguard measures, to ensure the smooth realization of the businessstrategy and the strategic target.Through clearing strategy, confirming strategy, implementing measures, developthe Agricultural Development Bank of Jilin Province Branch Office into a modernbanking that " development ability is powerful, the level of management is high,operation quality is good, operating performance is excellent,", fulfill dutiescomprehensively, the implements the sacred mission that is given by the Central Committee the State Council, build the Agricultural Development Bank into a truly newsocialist countryside bank.

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