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Reseach on Rural Microfinance Risk Control of Gansu Province Rural Credit Cooperatives

Author PanFaJun
Tutor LiShaoHui
School Lanzhou University
Course Business Administration
Keywords Rural credit cooperatives Farmers microcredit loans Risk control
CLC F832.35
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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For a long time, rural credit cooperatives as the mainstay of rural finance, to serve the" Agriculture, rural areas and farmers" as own duty, for agricultural production, increasing farmers’ income and rural economic development has made outstanding contributions. Farmers microfinance as a kind of special service to farmers financial products, in their own development and performance of social responsibilities of rural credit cooperatives, has a pivotal position. Especially after the formation of the rural credit association, gansu province, the province’s rural credit cooperatives adhere to the "based on agriculture, rural areas and farmers, geared to the needs of the community, services in urban and rural areas" position in the market, continuously intensify credit, enhance the level of support services and support strength significantly enhanced.Gansu province rural credit cooperatives as bank of farmers themselves, in a series of exploration in microfinance, up to now has obtained the certain result, but also encountered many problems, such as, the loan quality and risk situation, both directly affects the survival and development of credit unions.The first part of this paper on the basis of reading a large number of domestic and foreign relevant journal literature, combined with their own work practice, focusing on the problem of the peasant household microcredit risk and its control, namely the research background and research significance of this study, and presents the relevant existing research at home and abroad, defines the core concepts of this article. The second part expatiates the development of gansu province rural credit cooperatives farmers microcredit and characteristics, and its specific operating mode, and its existing problems are analyzed. The third part of the main risk of gansu province rural credit cooperatives farmers microcredit is analyzed the category and the reason analysis; The fourth part introduced the successful experience of foreign countries farmers microcredit, thinking about the successful experience of its risk control enlightenment to our province rural credit cooperatives microfinance risk control.In this paper, the fifth part, on the basis of the first four research combined with the development of our province rural credit cooperatives farmers microcredit status quo and foreign successful experience, first of all, in our province rural microfinance risk control are summarized and reflection; Second, from the initial credit cooperatives itself we will accelerate reform of the system and mechanism, optimizing the management idea, cling to risk control, the realization of microfinance business diversification, flexible, and forming features of risk control model, draw lessons from the advanced credit rating method, accelerate the construction of credit reporting system, attaches great importance to the human capital investment and construction of professional team, play to the incentive mechanism, proposed the concrete improvement measures such as strategy; Finally from the government to continue to give rural credit cooperatives microfinance policy support and financial support, regulators have targeted professional supervision, as well as the two aspects of strengthening the legal protection for improvement measures implemented policies and institutional guarantee.

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