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An Empirical Study about the Impact on the Intermidiate Business Income Structure to Commercial Banks Efficiency

Author LeiDongJie
Tutor ZhangGuoLin
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course National Economics
Keywords Intermediate business structure operation efficiency of commercialbanks empirical research explanation and analysis countermeasures and suggestions
CLC F832.33
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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As the one of the three pillar businesses in a modern commercialbank,intermediate business has been the subject of various commercial bank’sattention.Since twenty-first century,the domestic banking industry competition isintense with each passing day. Commercial bank’s traditional business can contributesmaller profit. But with low cost, low risk, high income for the characteristics,theintermediary business has become an important way,which could increase bankcompetitiveness and profit,so develope the intermediate business of banks haveimportant sense.Question is, how should the intermediate business develop? Or, how should therational allocation of relevant segments in intermediate business scale, has become acan directly influence the efficiency of commercial banks is the key problem in.Consulting business, clearing and settlement business, agency business, the bank cardbusiness and the financial business secured promises five intermediate businessbasically represents the entire intermediate business level, their structure proportionreflects not only the development of intermediate business of commercial banks, butalso to a large extent reflects the commercial bank profit growth point and futuredevelopment potential, so for the five small molecular business research, but also ofgreat significance.Efficiency is one of the core proposition of economics, generally with the inputand output, cost and accrual to indicate the relationship between. Managementsituation of commercial bank efficiency evaluation index used to represent, can moreclearly to understand the impact of commercial bank management related importantinfluence factor, compared with other numerical more clear and accurate, but alsomore convincing.Combining with the recent years our country specific macroscopical economy todevelop a condition, first enunciated this topic research background and thesignificance, and the research mentality and the method, and then summarizes thedomestic and foreign on the intermediate business of commercial bank and theoperation efficiency theory of literature, and made brief assessment to its. Then, onthe intermediate business of commercial bank efficiency structure analyses thegeneral theory: the intermediate business structure will affect the overall bank ’sintermediate business income, bank intermediate business income also affects the operation efficiency of commercial banks. Empirical study of selection of10commercial banks (including the big four banks and six other joint-stock banks)20012010data, calculates the different commercial banks the efficiency value, andthen to the commercial bank business efficiency value as the dependent variable, theintermediate business income structure comprises five sub projects as independentvariables, auxiliary add the total assets (considering the efficiency of commercialbanks may be affected by the commercial bank size, namely the scale effect) ascontrol variables, by establishing the econometric model regression analysis, and thefour major commercial banks and other joint-stock banks are analyzed. The empiricalresults show that, for the four row, consulting business income, commissioned agentbusiness income, bank card business income of commercial bank managementefficiency effect is relatively distinct; and for other small and medium-sizedjoint-stock bank, five intermediate business of banking efficiency effects wereobvious. The analysis result, this paper elaborates the different intermediate businessprojects and operational efficiency of the correlation and effect on efficiency degree,and the regression results were analyzed and interpreted.Finally, based on the theoretical analysis and the results of the empirical analysis,proposed in view of the intermediate business structure adjustment caused by bankmanagement efficiency changes in the corresponding countermeasures andsuggestions: first, to optimize the intermediate business income structure,continuously expand the intermediate business income of commercial banks in thetotal percentage of revenue; second, increase the intermediary business investment,timely statistical analysis, in order to screen out better able to enhance the efficiencyof commercial banks of the specific intermediate business; third, strengthen financialinnovation, develop new intermediate business innovation; fourth, must also payattention to control risk; fifth, intermediate business needs of the talents cultivation.

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