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The Research on the Rural Credit from the Perspective of the Demand

Author GuoBiao
Tutor CaoTingQiu
School Shandong University
Course Industrial Engineering
Keywords Boshan area the demand of peasant household credit Reason Countermeasure and suggestion
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The peasant household is China agriculture management main body, is also the rural finance market demand main body. The multiplication which manage along with rural economy’s marketability and the peasant household, the loan capital is day by day important to agricultural and the peasant household economic development’s function, the peasant household will lend money the demand to affect the rural finance market the scale and the structure, also will affect peasant household’s production, the life cash disbursement, will then affect the peasant household to produce the investment the scale and the peasant household commodity demand scale, therefore its credit demand and the satisfied condition, will have the material effect to the rural economic development. The multiplication which manage along with market economy’s development and the peasant household, the peasant household is day by day intense to loan capital’s demand, but countryside fund serious insufficient, enables the peasant household call for fund to obtain satisfies. Presently take the Boshan peasant household’s credit fund demand condition as the object of study, the analysis affects its demand the primary cause, discovers the crux to be, and aims at the Boshan area peasant household credit demand condition to carry on the diagnosis, to its present situation proposed that the solution countermeasure by is advantageous to the rural economy development.According to China’s current national conditions, the farmers have the features of faceted scattered money demand, on the one hand, the farmers there are a lot of money demand, mainly concentrated in the cover (buy), marriage, children education and medical care, etc., on the contrary less capital demand in agricultural production.Because of the economic level of farmers and low political status, the farmer credit demand tends to be formal financial institutions financing, they are usually resolved through mutual borrowing between private. This makes a lot of financial credit exists outside formal financial channels. How to improve this kind of phenomenon also is one of the content of this article discuss.This paper, taking shandong province zibo boshan area of farmer credit demand as investigation object, based on the analysis of the basic information of the farmers, on the basis of the main characteristics and the farmer credit demand, analyses the influence of the main causes of rural credit demand, including the farmers themselves, financial institutions, private financial and national policy factors, finally be ways to improve the rural credit problems, to strengthen the rural compulsory education, improve the quality of the farmers, to improve the mechanism of the external and domestic business, guarantee the farmers’income to improve the relevant laws and regulations, build good credit markets; To establish a benign investment environment and the financial support system; To standardize the folk finance, satisfy the farmer credit demand; To perfect the credit system of formal financial institutions, stimulate the farmer credit demand.This study mainly obtained through the following conclusions:First, the current situation of China’s rural credit demand is grim, very few rural credit can be met by formal financial institutions, the vast majority of rural credit through private lending is completed. Second, with the increase of farmers’ income levels, educational and cultural level, the scale of rural credit will be further increased. Third, strengthen the rural economy, increase farmers’ level of education, improve our credit system, will greatly promote the development of China’s rural credit.With the further development of China’s economy, farmers’ income, to further improve the education level, the demand for rural credit and the direction of the scale of demand will be a tremendous change and bring new challenges in the new era we learn from the developed countries in addition to Measures also need China’s basic national conditions for targeted propose some countermeasures:To strengthen the rural compulsory education, improve the quality of farmers, to improve the external and domestic operating mechanism to ensure that farmers’ income. To improve relevant laws and regulations, to build a good credit markets. To create a healthy investment environment and financial support system. To regulate private finance to meet the credit needs of farmers. To improve the credit system of formal financial institutions and stimulate farmer demand for credit.

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