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A Empirical Research on Offshore Financial Risks

Author LiJie
Tutor LuYanPing
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course National Economics
Keywords Offshore finance Offshore financial risks Empirical analysis
CLC F832.5
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The process of Chinese financial offshore has been accelerated by the strategy of"going out" and "developing two markets", meanwhile, the Financial Offshoreprovide much capita and financial services to the Transnational enterprises exploringthe international market,. But, there is much risk with the developing of the China’sfinancial offshore, especially; there is not idea about offshore financial risk in ourmotherland. Now, the empirical analysis of financial offshore has great significanceto regulate the offshore financial risks to china.Presently,the domestic research on the risk management of offshore finance isjust at the duration of beginning. And most of them focus on the introduction of theconditions about the risk management; there is not article about the study of China’soffshore financial risks. Therefore, basing on existing related research, this articleanalysis the China’s offshore financial risks with the following points, Firstly,analysis the present conditions of international offshore finance and the history of ourcountry’s offshore financial development, and analysis the definition of offshorefinancial risks; Secondly, the Nash equilibrium theory and microeconomic model areused to analysis the factors which influent the level of offshore financial risks;Thirdly, the Southeast Asian financial crisis is used to prove the factors whichinfluent the level of offshore financial risks from the perspective of empirical analysis;Finally, put forward to improve china’s level of offshore financial supervisionmeasures and suggestions under the experience of international offshore financialmarket’s risks.The empirical analysis of the article indicates that the level of the offshorefinancial risks will rise when the level of the offshore financial market’s rate and thelevel of the capita’s price have been rising. The empirical analysis of the article alsoindicates that the level of the offshore financial risks will rise when the level ofexchange-rate has been dropping. Therefore regulatory authorities have to payattention to the risk of offshore finance when the International financial marketinterest rates rise and the competition among offshore banks turn to more intense; Regulatory authorities should improve the level of offshore financial supervisionwhen the price of asset was overestimated and the economy from up to downThe article, from the empirical analysis of the offshore financial risks indicatesthat there are some measures and suggestions to improve the level of ourmotherland’s offshore finance on the base of studying the international offshorefinancial market’s risks. It includes: strengthening the market admittance andwithdrawal; the business realm limit; Lender of Last Resort system and savinginsurance system; clear the regulatory body; update the concept of monitoring,innovation and supervision mode; repair the financial supervision legal system;strengthen international regulatory cooperation.

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