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Research on China’s Agricultural Machine Insurance Mode Based on Supply and Demand Willingness

Author HanZuo
Tutor ChenBaoFeng
School China Agricultural University
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords demand willingness supply capacity government effect agricultural machineryinsurance mode
Type PhD thesis
Year 2014
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Agricultural machine insurance as a risk management measures, which can ensure agricultural production run smoothly and guarantee social stability. At present, China’s agricultural machinery insurance in the pilot period, the achievements of the pilot areas make the government gradually pay attention to the important role of agricultural machine insurance, which in reduce the farmer’s loss and ensure production safety. Ministry of agriculture of the people’s republic of china and various regions are put forward to develop agricultural machine insurance, but the problem is agricultural machine insurance should take one mode for the whole country or take a variety of modes for provinces. The lack of insurance mode has a basic problem to restrict the development of agricultural machine insurance. So, it is an urgent need to research on agricultural machine insurance mode. Just under this background, this paper constructs an agricultural machine insurance mode accord with our national condition, which is based on participant supply and willingness of demand.Firstly, this paper summarized and analyzed agricultural machine insurance status and mode at home and abroad. Secondly, it is established Logistic regression model and analyzed influence factors of farmers’demand willingness. Using CVM to investigate the famers willingness to pay for agricultural machine insurance and calculate the average willingness to pay, and analyzed the influence factors of farmers willingness to pay by COX proportional hazard model. Thirdly, using DEA method to study the operating efficiency of the insurance companies, in addition analyzed its supply capacity, and measured the gap between supply and demand of agricultural machine insurance, at last analyzed the reasons for the shortage to supply. Fourthly, analyzed the behavior of participant from the perspective of economics and management science, and made a game analysis to participants, which to studied the participant cooperation condition of the long-term stable development of the agricultural machinery insurance. On this basis, the paper put forward the role of government in agricultural machine insurance. Fifthly, Establish a government-led diversified agricultural machine insurance mode, and from three aspects of organization system, management main body and subsidy mechanism to build it. Finally, proposed supporting measures to agricultural machine insurance mode.The main conclusion includes:(1) Most of foreign agricultural machinery insurance belongs to agricultural insurance. Governments have played a positive role in providing legal support, management fee and premium subsidies to agricultural machinery insurance.(2)The pilot modes in China include professional insurance company management mode under the government-led, commercial insurance company management mode under the government support, and mutual insurance mode. Three modes have advantages and disadvantages, but from the current pilot development, the first mode is better in efficiency, costs and operating effect.(3)Farmers income, agricultural machinery insurance importance, farmers educational level, premium subsidies, agricultural machinery working areas are important factors affecting farmers’willingness. Farmers’ willingness to pay for agricultural machinery insurance was low, in addition, family income, the impact of agricultural machinery accident and the cognition of the importance of agricultural machinery risk are main factors affected willingness to pay.(4)Insurance companies operating efficiency was low.There was a gap between supply and demand of agricultural machinery insurance, and was a shortage of supply.(5)The optimal strategy of cooperation is farmers participating in, insurance company underwrite insurance, and government support for agricultural machinery insurance.(6) China should adopt the "diversified business entities under the guidance of the government to participate in the agricultural machine insurance mode".

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